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Batman Recommends: How to Keep Busy Until Dark Knight Rises

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8. Game with Batman

Speaking of LEGO (an excellent way to build models to help you figure out which city buildings can withstand a clay monster induced rampage), there’s a new game out called LEGO Batman 2 for every gaming platform you can imagine. Although the Traveler Tales franchise is geared towards kids, any fan of me, that red-caped alien Superman, or other DC characters will have a blast playing through a storyline that’s filled with wit and admiration of the Batman legacy. You can make Robin put on ridiculously heavy suits or unlock Lois Lane and Vicki Vale and then make them jump off a building in free play mode. What? That isn’t what you would do? Try dating one of them and tell me this isn’t the best idea EVER. The only down point of the game is that using any flying character (I’m looking at you Superman) is kind of like trying to park your Batplane on the roof of a building with only a 2 x 2 foot space and the plane keeps flying backward for who knows what reason. All in all, it should tie you and your family over for a large chunk of time. And yes, you can bash people over the head with Alfred’s tray too. Just sayin’.


lego batman 2


7. Get the Kids Involved

Now that you’ve started to appreciate the joy of life and having kids (must be nice), it’s time to start buying those batty bats some shiny toys. It’s okay to get them a cute costume and some plastic weapons but if they start demanding you call them Damian and kill one or two people, it’s time to reevaluate your parenting choices. Yes, I let Robin drive but he has very long legs for a ten year-old, so I’m sure it’s legal… somewhere. Some of my favorite toys include Fisher Price’s Imaginext Super Friends, a Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Batman Set, a Power Strike Batmobile and a LEGO Batmobile building set. Unfortunately all The Dark Knight Rises toys do not meet my bat-standards and are lamer than Calendar Man’s MO so avoid those plastic disappointments (except number 5 on my list below).


lego batman

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