Batman Recommends: How to Keep Busy Until Dark Knight Rises

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4. Act Like Batman

Ever been to Toronto? Me neither; which is why I will allow this impostor to keep wandering the streets dressed as me. I’m talking about a guy known only as Toronto Batman who likes to scare the crap out of and sometimes entertain local citizens in full bat attire. You can catch the hilarious Batman’s Night Out on YouTube along with other Toronto Batman videos. You may think this guy is crazy or a genius but I deal with that same conundrum daily…and nightly.


3. Reading Material

Everyone keeps asking me, “Batman, what comics should I read before seeing The Dark Knight Rises?” I say, if you haven’t already read EVERY Batman comic ever, then what are you doing here talking to me? Also, you’re standing on my cape. Regardless, I will name two comics that I recommend you reread. First is the obvious KnightFall Trilogy which a lot of people are calling the basis for The Dark Knight Rises. Spoiler Alert: Bane breaks my back. It hurts a lot. The only reason he gets the upper hand though is because I was busy fighting escaped Arkham inmates and was completely exhausted. You ever work a double shift and then crash your car into a tree? Yea, it was like that except Bane was the tree and the car was my back. My second recommendation is for the ladies out there because it features one of the best Batman/Catwoman stories and it’s called Heart of Hush. Written by Paul Dini, this story revolves around Batman almost losing what he cares for the most when the villain Hush kidnaps Catwoman and um… tears her heart out. I think they Duct taped her heart back in, I don’t remember, but there’s a happy ending and I haven’t heard any complaints from Catwoman since.



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