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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Final Trailer and Imax Poster

Cut & Print - BvS trailer

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – Final Trailer and Imax poster

In case you’ve forgotten that the single most anticipated comic book movie in history is set to come out next month, a little reminder just dropped online: the final trailer for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The trailer’s debut coincides with the release of Fox’s Deadpool movie, so if you’re rushing out to see that film, you can probably catch a good glimpse of Batman turning the tables on his new nemesis.

The trailer begins in a scene that could come right out The Dark Knight (albeit with a more comic-bookey feel than Christopher Nolan’s more grounded approach) where Batman and Alfred use the Batwing to approach an old building where a bunch of guys with guns are waiting. Alfred finds them on the third floor and suggests that Bruce go into the building from the plane so that he is on the second floor, and we are treated to a great action scene, almost in full, as Batman breaks through the floor and takes the men by surprise.

We also get a few new shots of Wonder Woman, as well as her first line of dialogue, spoken to Bruce while she is undercover as Diana.  But the most striking moment of the trailer happens at the end, when Batman and Superman are fighting, and Superman realizes that his foe has created a suit that can match him in strength and toughness.


[youtube id=”Cle_rKBpZ28″ width=”620″ height=”360″]



Batman v. Superman
Titans fight in Imax!

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