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Batman vs Superman – Who Reigns Supreme?


When it comes to superheroes two of the most popular around are Batman and Superman. You could say that they are indeed the world’s most loved characters, who put it all on the line to save the world from evil. They have both been huge successes in various areas and these include comic books, TV shows, movies and games, but who reigns supreme out of the pair or are they simply too difficult to separate?

Both Batman and Superman started out life as characters in comic books. The latter first appeared in 1938 with the former making his debut just a year later in 1939. It’s hard to separate the two when it comes to comic books. They were both extremely popular DC Comics creations, and this is what led them on to become huge in other areas too. It’s important to bear in mind that while both were superheroes, it was only Superman out of the pair who possessed superpowers.

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One of the main reasons that deciding who reigns supreme is extremely difficult is that both Batman and Superman seemed to have similar paths. Next up came TV and while shows starring Batman were well received the Superman TV Shows had the edge. What made them popular for the most part was the shows being centred around not just Superman but his love interest Lois Lane too.

When it comes to films things become very interesting. Superman certainly in the early days leading up to the late 1980s was the clear winner. There had been Batman films, but they were somewhat eclipsed by those starring Superman. However, from the early 1990s onwards Batman has really stolen the show at the box office and the releases of The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight rises in 2008 and 2012 respectively were massive hits.

Audiences simply couldn’t get enough of their favourite superheroes and while reading about them in comic books and seeing them on the big and small screen were great nothing really compares with using them in video games. Video games allow the player to in a way live the adventures themselves while experiencing their superpowers and skills.

Batman and Superman have featured in various different video games over the years and each one has been played over and over again not just by fans but by standard gamers too. What’s telling though is that while Batman is still regularly starring in his own hit games Superman man isn’t. There have been some superb Batman titles over recent times which include Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.

Another area of gaming where both characters had an impact was in the casino and slot world. Gaming operators and developers are always looking for ways to draw in the players and give them a gaming experience that they will enjoy. What better way than to base a few games on the two most popular superheroes of all time? In fact, according to  a spokesman from the online casino Unibet has confirmed the both characters continue to be hugely popular with their players.

When it comes to deciding who out of Batman and Superman reigns supreme it’s hard to decide. Both have enjoyed huge success and continue to do so to this day. They’re both superb superheroes in their own right and while Batman seems to have edged proceedings over the last few years you can still see Superman coming back with a bang.


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