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Batman Who Laughs #2



Writer: Scott Snyder, Interior Artist: Jock, Inker: David Baron, Cover A: Jock, Cover B: Ben Oliver

This book is an easy read for new readers. If you missed #1, jump back to my review. Jim’s son may have some readers wondering what role he will play, but it plays into the story. Again, cover “B” was the cover that sold out at my local LCS. It is a great black cover of Batman Who Laughs by Ben Oliver. I imagine this is what I look like whenever I walk into any comic shop. The story moves with a little mystery and lots of action. This is a buy for anyone who likes Batman, Batman Who Laughs, and those who want to continue the story from the first issue. Spoilers follow the pictures below.

Cover A: Jock
Cover B: Ben Oliver

Spoilers for The Batman Who Cha Chas.

This book opens up with Alfred operating on the Joker’s gunshot wound. Alfred suggests to Batman that the Joker die, but Batman wants to keep to his legacy of not killing anyone. During this conversation, Batman is being injected with many syringes containing different serums to battle his transformation. Alfred is still working on the Joker, when the Joker lets out a laugh, but he is unconscious.

The next scene opens with another Bruce Wayne death being investigated by Jim Gordon. It seems as though this Bruce fell to his death. Jim reveals to Bruce (living) that the dead Bruce Wayne from the previous issue has disintegrated and dark matter is all that remains. Jim and a disguised Bruce discover that the dead Bruce has had some DNA extracted. Jim and Bruce conclude that Batman Who Laughs is needing DNA to create a serum. A cadet breaks up the conversation with Jim and Bruce by asking if they want to jump into the office pool. Bucket one is Batman being killed by the Grim Knight. Bucket two is Batman being killed by BWL. Bucket three is not revealed because Bruce loses it and verbally explodes on the Cadet.

The last scene opens up at Wayne Tower. BWL has infiltrated Wayne Tower and is killing anyone in his path. These panels have lots of blood, death, and mayhem. Batman breaks through some glass to confront BWL. Batman gets the upper hand with BWL laying on floor seemingly defeated. Batman is shot by the Grim Knight. BWL gets up and dismantles the Last Laugh protocol. BWL exits the tower through a window. Wayne Tower is imploding and Batman escapes through the window also. Batman is back at the Batcave trying to wake up the Joker. Lastly, Jim Gordon is shown in a convenience store looking to speak with his son.

Stay tuned as we continue to review this series. Hope you enjoyed this. Let us know your favorite parts and be sure you check out our Facebook page.

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