Batman Who Laughs #3

batman who laughs


Writer: Scott Snyder, Interior Artist: Jock, Inker: David Baron, Cover A: Jock, Cover B: Riccardo Federici

This book is an easy read for new readers. Nothing in this comic needs any explaining if the reader has read the previous two issues. Cover “B” was the cover that sold out at my LCS. This cover is by Riccardo Federici. It has BWL on the cover with a big smile and skulls positioned all around him. The story shows Batman and Grim Knight go at it with plenty of action and a little bit of humor. This is a buy for anyone who buys Batman, Joker, Batman Who Laughs, Grim Knight, and those continuing the story line. Spoilers follow the pictures below.

Cover A: Jock
Cover B: Ricardo Federici

Spoilers for The Batman Who Electric Slides

The beginning of this comic opens with a young Bruce Wayne trying to get out of the well he fell in. Bruce’s father is encouraging the young Bruce to climb out. The next page leads back to present day. Jim Gordon is trying to get his son, James, to stop what he is doing and talk. James seems to be on a monitoring program for previous crimes. James is wearing an ankle monitor. James is not very receptive to his father. Batman elaborates that James is on a suppressive drug to combat his psychopathy. Batman needs James to stop the drugs to help concoct a plan to stop the Grim Knight and Batman Who Laughs.

The Grim Knight disrupts the planning by demanding Gordon. Batman doesn’t want to give him up and fights to get the upper hand. Batman attaches the Grim Knights feet with a rope to a passing train. The Grim Knight escapes from the trap and remotely disables an engine in a plane passing over. The Grim Knight threatens to blow the other engine if Gordon is not released to him. Batman let’s the Grim Knight take Jim Gordon. It is revealed that Jim Gordon has one half authorization for a program called Last Laugh. Last Laugh is a system to administer vaccines to Gotham citizens in a crisis situation. Batman is the other half of the authorization. Since BWL is Batman from another reality, he can use his own voice as authorization. The Grim Knight exits with Jim Gordon and Batman is left defeated again.

BWL is infiltrating the Penguin’s hideout demolishing any resistance he comes across. BWL disables all of the Penguin’s goons and the Penguin also. BWL pulls another Bruce Wayne from another reality into the present one and kills him. BWL explains to Penguin that this Bruce Wayne was a rival crime lord that rivaled Penguin in the other reality. BWL tells Penguin to look into Matches Malone.

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