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Baturday: 1/30/16 Batman happenings (late edition)


My internet went out this weekend, but thankfully, we’re back.  So here’s a belated Baturday for your reading enjoyment.  These are my thoughts on this week’s Batman-related releases:

Batman and Robin Eternal #17 – My Rating: 4/5

Deathstroke #14 – My Rating: 4/5

Arrow 4.11: “A. W. O. L.” – My Rating: 3/5

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 1.2: “Pilot, Part 2” – My Rating: 4/5

Black Canary #7 – My Rating: 3/5

Grayson #16 – My Rating: 5/5

Justice League 3001 #8 – My Rating: 3/5

Justice League of America #7 – My Rating: 5/5

Suicide Squad Most Wanted: Deadshot and Katana #1 (of 6) – My Rating: 4/5

Teen Titans #16 – My Rating: 3.5/5

We are Robin #8 – My Rating: 3/5

…and my pick of the week…  GRAYSON!!!

So there you have it.  A little late, but still great.  Grayson is amazing.  Justice League of America is every bit as epic as old school Ultimates was.  And you should be buying all of the Batmans.  I will say, on a somewhat downer note, this week’s Arrow as garbage.  The death of my favorite character in the DC Universe was poorly-handled, to say the least.  I’m hoping we’ll get a little bit of an explanation or possibly news that it was a fake out because, well, it’s a comic show.  And the CW.  So no one’s ever REALLY dead.  See you next week (on time) for a brand new Baturday!

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