Baturday: Batman Eternal #36, Worlds End #10, and more!


Welcome back, Batman fans!  We’ve got a few fun new Batman-related comics up for review this week, so let’s stop wasting time and start fighting crime…  err…  reviewing comic books!


Harley Quinn Holiday Special

Harley Quinn Holiday Spec. #1 – My Rating: 4/5

Batman Eternal #36 – My Rating: 5/5

The New 52: Futures End #32 – My Rating: 3/5

Batgirl #37 – My Rating: 3/5

Earth 2: Worlds End #10 – My Rating: 4.5/5

New Suicide Squad #5 – My Rating: 5/5

Worlds’ Finest #29 – My Rating: 4/5




… and my pick of the week is …  BATMAN ETERNAL #36!

Batman Eternal 36

Congrats on a great week, DC creators!  You guys consistently prove (on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis) that you really are deserving of every single dollar I’ve thrown your way over the last two decades.  But enough of that…  What did all of you dear readers think of this week’s Batman-related titles?  Sound off in the comments section below.  And be here at the same Bat time (day) and same Bat channel (website) for a brand new and thrilling installment of Baturday!

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