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Baturday: Batman Eternal, Futures End Week 4, and more!


Welcome back and happy Baturday, Dark Knight fans!  Did you catch the premiere of Gotham earlier this week?  What a doozy!  Anywho, let’s get down to it.  Here are this week’s books and this week’s spoilers (in that order, of course):

My reviews for the Bat books released this week:

Batman Eternal 25

Batman Eternal #25 – 4/5

Batman Beyond Universe #14 – 4/5

Superman: Doomed #2 – 5/5

Catwoman: Futures End #1 – 4/5

Booster Gold: Futures End #1 – 4/5

The New 52: Futures End #21 – 3.5/5

Harley Quinn: Futures End #1 – 4.5/5


My pick of the week: SUPERMAN: DOOMED#2!


Spoilers this week in Batman land:

Superman Doomed 2

* the future pretty much sucks

* Hush is taunting (and currently beating) Batman

* Alfred’s daughter continues to be sassy

* the Joker and Harley still love/hate one another in the future

* Harley Quinn enjoyed life briefly as a hero

* Booster Gold has been jumping through timespace for years

* Catwoman eventually gives up the mob and her life of crime

* Green Arrow didn’t actually die in the future

* actually, lots of people didn’t actually die in the future

* Brainiac just found the multiverse

* the pre-Flashpoint (and Flashpoint) universe(s) still exist!


So there we have it.  Another great week to be a Batman fan (even though my pick of the week only featured the Caped Crusader).  What did you think?  Let me know your comments below.  See you next weekend for a brand new installment of everyone’s favorite Batman column: Baturday!

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