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Baturday: Batman for 3/7/2020


Happy Baturday! And welcome back to Comic Booked’s longest-running column! Each major Batman-related release is listed at the end of each and every week and the comics, shows, graphic novels, movies, events, etc. you CANNOT MISS are listed in bold. Here are this week’s releases:

  • Batman #90
  • The Flash #750
  • Harley Quinn #71
  • Justice League #42
  • Justice League Odyssey #19
  • Lois Lane #9 (of 12)
  • Strange Adventures #1 (of 12)
  • Superman: Villains #1 (One-Shot)
  • CW: Black Lightning
  • DC Universe: All Star Games
  • DC Universe: DC Daily

And My Pick of the Week: BATMAN!!!

This week had some great Batman goodies. James Tynion IV is the new Scott Snyder and brings Batman back to what it makes it a great title: bad guys being bad and teaming up against the Caped Crusader. Wally West’s Flash Forward epilogue in the pages of the 750th issue of the Flash gave me hope for all of my favorite Titans stories still somehow matter going forward. And Lois Lane’s monthly team-up with Renee Montoya is easily one of my favorite reads. And then there’s the new Batmobile that we got a few pictures of for the upcoming Robert Pattinson Batman film, which is all sorts of awesome. But what are your thoughts on this week’s Batman-related releases? Hit me up on Twitter at jeffhillwriter and let’s get the debate going. See you next Baturday!

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