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Baturday: Batman in the First Week of January 2021

Hope everyone’s enjoying their weekend.  And a very special hello to all of those Batman fans out there!  And welcome back to Comic Booked’s longest-running column, Baturday!  Make sure you check out the last edition before you read all about the first week of January.  Here’s what came out this week:

  • Dark Nights: Death Metal #7 (of 7)
  • Future State: Harley Quinn #1 (of 2)
  • Future State: The Next Batman #1 (of 4)
  • Generations Shattered #1 (One-Shot)

And my pick of the week is:


So there you have it.  Dark Nights: Death Metal had a fantastic finale that was heartfelt, hopeful, and proves that Snyder really is DC’s golden boy when it comes to long-form epic storytelling.  Generations Shattered also showed us that yes, everything matters, and yes, Dan Jurgens has still very much “got it” when it comes to superhero stories.  And Future State had a solid launch with some great new stories of things to come.  DC has it going on as they continue to live up to their 80+ year history’s promise to tell the best stories on the shelves each and every week for readers of all shapes, kinds, sizes, and ages.  I think it’s pretty safe to say that it was yet another solid release week for the Bat family of books.  Let us know what you missed, what you’re looking forward to, and how you’re doing.  We’d love to hear from you on social media.  See you next Baturday!

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