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Baturday: Batman in Week 2 of July 2021


Hello!  And welcome back to Comic Booked’s longest-running column, Baturday!  This is the place we talk about all things Batman.  If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you check out last week’s releases before you dive into what came out this week.  We talk about news and spoilers here, too.  So be warned!  Here’s the list of all the Batman-related stuff DC put out in the second week of July 2021, with our newly-added BUY button for the must-haves:

  • Batman: The Detective #4 (of 6) – BUY
  • The Batman & Scooby-Doo! Mysteries #4 (of 12) – BUY
  • Batman: Urban Legends #5 – BUY
  • Challenge of the Super Sons #4 (of 7) – BUY
  • Detective Comics #1039 – BUY
  • The Flash 2021 Annual #1 (One-Shot) – BUY
  • Future State: Gotham #3 – BUY
  • Infinite Frontier #2 (of 6) – BUY
  • The Joker #5 – BUY
  • Justice League: Last Ride #3 – BUY
  • Wonder Woman #775
  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on CW
  • Space Jam: A New Legacy on HBO Max

And my pick of the week is…  BATMAN: URBAN LEGENDS!!!

So there you have it, folks.  Tom King’s horrendous climax to Heroes in Crisis is undone in the pages of Flash.  The new Space Jam sequel is a Warner Bros. cameo fest that is fun for fans of all ages, as are the newest Scooby-Doo/Batman and Super Sons books.  Infinite Frontier keeps us guessing at which dark stories will come together in the main book as well as the Detective, Last Ride, and Future State: Gotham.  Huntress goes down the path we all knew she’d go down in the pages of the flagship DC title.  The Joker book gives us a glimpse of how great the character can be written if handled by someone as talented as Matthew Rosenberg.  And, speaking of Rosenberg, the Wildstorm universe makes its triumphant return in the Grifter story featured in Urban Legends.  Let us know what you think on social media and let’s keep the conversation going.  See you next Baturday!

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