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Baturday: Fourth Week of December 2019


Baturday is back for one final installment of 2019. It was a small release week, what with the holidays and all, but that just meant it was a great time to binge watch, re-read, and pick up some back issues. Here are my thoughts on the fourth week of December 2019’s Batman-related releases:

  • DC Universe: DC Daily – 3/5
  • DC Universe: Harley Quinn – 5/5

My pick of the week: HARLEY QUINN!!!

So there you have it. 2019 comes to a close and the DC Universe original, Harley Quinn, has its funniest episode yet. What are you looking forward to in 2020? I’m super pumped to see where the extended Bat family of comics, books, movies, and TV shows goes next. Stay tuned and we’ll see you next weekend for another thrilling (and significantly larger) edition of Baturday!

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