Baturday: Fourth Week of July 2020


Hello there, Batman fans! And welcome back to Comic Booked’s longest-running column, Baturday! There are a bunch of great announcements coming from this year’s strange but still very important SDCC panels, but we’ll get more of that to you with a big wrap-up early next week. Make sure you check out the last edition before you read all about the fourth week of July. Here’s what came out this week:

  • Batgirl #47
  • Batman #95
  • Batman Beyond #45
  • Detective Comics #1024
  • Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity Secret Files #1 (One-Shot)
  • Justice League Dark #24
  • DC Universe / CW — Stargirl

And my pick of the week is:


So there you have it. The Joker War is finally here with Batman, Batgirl, and my pick of the week, Detective Comics paving the way for some life-shattering status-quo-shifting craziness at the hands of the Clown Prince of Crime. James Tynion IV and Jorge Jiminez deliver genuine shocks and scares in every panel of Batman and are giving us the Batman book we deserve each and every issue. Cecil Castellucci and Robbi Rodrigues give us the best issue of Batgirl in years. And Peter J. Tomasi and Brad Walker take the cake as best current Bat team with a fight among Batman, Two-Face (in Jim Gordon’s Batman armor!), Joker, and an army of Talons led by Lincoln March! Then there’s Batman Beyond and Joker/Harley continuing to be great future and alternate takes on our favorite Dark Knight characters. Not to mention the Man-Bat Justice League title that is just as scary as ever with writer Ram V taking over full writing duties and Solomon Grundy making his presence known on the newest episode of DC Universe and the CW’s greatest current superhero show, Stargirl. I think it’s pretty safe to say that it was yet another solid release week for the Bat family of books. Let us know what you missed, what you’re looking forward to, and how you’re doing. We’d love to hear from you on social media. See you next Baturday!

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