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Baturday: Gotham Academy #1, Grayson #3, and more!


Welcome back to your favorite Bat-themed column here on Comic Booked, Baturday!  As usual, I’ll be covering the issues that came out this week (and some other Batman guest-starring books), reviewing them, and adding some spoilers at the end for good measure.  Also, if you aren’t on board with the new Fox show, Gotham, you really should start watching this historic show.  Seriously.  It’s good stuff.  Well, enough of that.  Onto the week of all things Batman!

Gotham Academy 1

My reviews for this week’s Bat books:

Batman/Superman #14 – 4/5

Batman ’66 Meets the Green Hornet #5 – 5/5

Batman Eternal #26 – 4/5

The New 52: Futures End #22 – 3/5

Justice League #34 – 5/5

Green Arrow #35 – 4/5

Gotham Academy #1 – 5/5

Justice League 3000 #10 – 3/5

Grayson #3 – 5/5

Detective Comics #35 – 5/5

My pick of the week: JUSTICE LEAGUE #34!


Justice League 34

Spoilers this week from Gotham:

* Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor have formed an alliance

* Wayne Tech and Luthor Corp are working together

* Lex Luthor is secretly working alongside Earth 3’s Owlman

* Dick Grayson is not digging being a super-spy

* Lex and Batman want Oliver Queen to join in their merger

* Luthor plans to save the world

* Tommy Elliott is up to no good in Gotham

* Alfred has been transferred to Arkham Asylum at the behest of Hush

* Julia Pennyworth is welcomed (kinda) to the Bat family

* Brother Eye is alive and well on Cadmus Island

* Brainiac might be the “Big Bad” in Futures End after all

* Gotham Academy is (quite surprisingly) a book to watch


So there you have it.  Agree?  Great!  Disagree?  Tough!  (Just kidding.  Let’s argue in the comments section below!)  See you all next week for a brand new installment of Baturday!

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