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Baturday: Justice League #35, Batman and Robin #35, and more!


Holy ginormous week of comics, Batman!  With a (slightly late) review of Gotham under my belt, this week’s releases were just extra icing on the Bat cake.  There were ten (10!) Batman-related books that hit the shelves this week, and though I’m sure you’re all about reading them for yourselves, I’m here to spread the good word and promote them all a little bit more than your average Bat fan.  Welcome back to Baturday, folks!  Here’s the lowdown on my ratings, some spoilers, and a call for comments…

Batman Superman 15

My reviews for this week’s Bat books:

Red Hood and the Outlaws #35 – 3/5

Supergirl #35 – 3/5

Batman and Robin #35 – 5/5

Batman Eternal #28 – 5/5

Justice League #35 – 5/5

Batwoman #35 – 5/5

Teen Titans #3 – 3/5

Earth 2: World’s End #2 – 3/5

The New 52: Futures End #24 – 3/5

Batman/Superman #15 – 4/5

My pick of the week: BATMAN AND ROBIN #35!

Batman and Robin 35

Spoilers from this week’s Bat books:

* The two Jasons fought it out and Red Hood tried to kill the new Commissioner

* Batgirl stopped him from doing so

* Lex Luthor accidentally released the Amazo virus

* Batman (and pretty much the entire League) doesn’t trust Lex

* Lex’s sister is alive and well, and working at Lex Corp

* This week could be summed up as “guest star” week

* Batman is taking on the forces of Apokolips to “save” Damian

* Batwoman is in space, for some unexplained but awesome reason

* the Future (and, really, Earth-2 in general) sucks for everyone

* Killer Croc loses the one person he cares about

* Catwoman and Batman “break up” for good this time

* Catwoman takes over the Gotham underworld


So there you have it.  This week’s books and this week’s events.  What were your thoughts?  Let me know in the comments section below.  And while you’re there, weigh in on the other DC news from the week!  See you next week, Bat fans!

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