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Baturday: ‘Twas the weekend before Halloween…


Happy Baturday, friends!  We had another sizable week in the Batman universe and what better way to celebrate it than to offer up some reviews and insight into our favorite fictional hero and his plethora of adventures, allies, and adversaries.  Here are my thoughts on this week’s releases:

Gotham 2.5: “Scarification” – My Rating: 3.5/5

Arrow 4.3: “Restoration” – My Rating: 3/5

Titans Hunt #1 – My Rating: 4/5

Teen Titans #12 – My Rating: 4.5/5

Secret Six #7 – My Rating: 3/5

Black Canary #5 – My Rating: 3/5

Justice League #45 – My Rating: 5/5

Gotham Academy #11 – My Rating: 4/5

Batman and Robin Eternal #3 – My Rating: 5/5

…and my pick of the week is…  BATMAN AND ROBIN ETERNAL!!!

So there you have it, folks.  What did you think?  Should Arrow have stopped with that nearly perfect season 3 finale last year?  Is Gotham losing steam?  And what was your favorite Bat book this week?  Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll see you back here at Comic Booked for a special Halloween edition of Baturday next weekend!

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