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Bee And Puppycat: Best Of 2014

Bee and Puppycat

One of the best new things from 2014 was a video that I found on YouTube. I like a lot of cartoons, so this one was one I thought I would try. I am a big fan of Archer, South Park, Looney Tunes, but this show, Bee and Puppycat, was nothing like any of them. The story is about a girl named Bee. Sort of a lazy do-nothing type girl, but she meets this creature, Puppycat, who looks like a cat but smells like a puppy. He is much more than he seems, from having laser blasts to having a magical bell that can be rung to activate a portal to another world where Bee and Puppycat do strange temp jobs. Sound weird?

Check out the original pilot for the show that is now a regular event from Cartoon Hangover.

[youtube id=”lOG_UtLxh58″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

This is a fairly unique cartoon series and deeper than some of the stupid kids cartoons that are out there. There are a ton of jokes and sight gags that are very funny.

You can check out all of the cool stuff here on Cartoon Hangover’s Youtube channel.

The comic book series from BOOM! Studios has been an interesting mixture of different artists and writers telling the stories of Bee and Puppycat. Some very funny, very touching, and sometimes very strange stories. This is one that I would recommend picking up as a fun and interesting story. There is even an underlying storyline that shows up in certain episodes, as you see from the story of who Puppycat really is in the pilot. Will Bee realize who he is and help to free him from the curse?

I personally love Bee and Puppycat and would recommend this show as one of the best Youtube video series of 2014.

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