Best of 2014: Luna’s Picks

best of 2014

Ok, so here is my list for Best of 2014: This is in no particular order…

1. The Force Awakens teaser trailer

How can this NOT be on my list? This trailer was probably the most anticipated moment for me this year!!


2. Jurassic World trailer

Im a HUGE Jurassic PArk fan! Although I have to admit I have some issues with the movie itself, I know I’m not only going to see it, but I’m certain I’m going to love it!


3. Hemlock Grove Season 2

This made for Netflix show is just the right mix of creepy, intense, freaky and twisted! I was so pleased to know the show made it back for a second season! This show is every bit as dark as the book, and then some! If you haven’t seen it before, you should give it a try!


4. X-Men Days of Future Past

I wasn’t familiar with the comic versionof this movie, however I was able to follow this awesome flick no matter how much it tried to confuse me! The cast was perfect, the story was awesome, I’d definitely see it again. And again.


5. Mockingjay Part 1

The 3rd movie in the Hunger Games saga was, in my eyes, frikken PERFECT! The movie was so on cue with the book, that all the moments I’d hoped or wished I’d see, I DID in fact see!. The entire cast is chosen so perfectly. I love Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen, I can’t imagine a better pick for this character. The emotional rollercoaster she’s subject too, is portrayed so realistically, great job, Jennifer Lawrence!


6. How to Train Your Dragon 2

I LOVED the first movie so much, I bought tickets in advance for part 2. I can’t imagine a CGI character with more personality as Toothless! He doesn’t speak at all, but his facial expressions and his sweet trills and chirps make him one of the most realistic characters ever! This movie was just as excting as the first, if not better! If you’ve not had the chance to see either film, you MUST watch, if for no other reason than to fall in love with Toothless the dragon!


7. Supernatural Season 10

Of course this would make it to my list!! This show is in it’s 10th season and it’s still going strong! The writers are still coming up with clever, yet complicated stories. The actors are just so damn believable as the Winchester brothers! I love, love, love this show! 10 seasons is something to really be proud of! I know the show will continue to surprise me at every turn!


8. Exodus: Gods and Kings

I was a little uncertain about seeing this film at first, as many religious flicks seems to cause so much controversy, that sometimes the movie loses more than it gives. I can’t say this was the best movie of this genre, but it did not disappoint. Christian Bale was spectacular as Moses. He showed a side of the religious icon that surprised even me. There were some moments that seemed to lag, but overall the movie kept my full attention from start to finish!


9. Divergent

Numbers 9 and 10 on my list are my less than favorite picks for 2014, hoever I feel they deserved to make it on here for their complete awfulness. Divergent was another dystopian society type movie. I like this genre, and usually the films don’t rate too poorly wit me. However, Divergent was such a ridiculous movie from start to finish. Nothing like the strong character I read in the books, Tris Prior was just so wishy washy and blah. I found myself more interested in the amount of lip gloss they stuck on Theo James’s character than in the actual story. What a disappointment.


10. Into the Storm

Ok, I wasn’t expecting a tremendous film here, but I did expect something fun and fast and interesting. Instead, this was the WORST piece of trash released this year. I can’t get back the time I wasted watching it. The characters were lame, the acting was a joke, the story was an even bigger joke. The effects were so bad that I can’t even find the right adjecive. What a horrible, awful piece of garbage this was. It’s now ranked 2nd in my list of films I thought totally sucked. One day I’ll freely admit the number one position.


So, there it is, my list. As jumbeled and all over the place as I am.

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