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Best Comic Series of All Time

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Are you a comic book fan? If so, it is likely that you are familiar with the top comic series. Contrary to popular belief, comics have continued to grow in popularity since they were released. Comics have been found dating back to 1842 when they were available in hardcover. The most popular comic series in that time period include The Adventures of Mr. Obadiah Oldbuck. Below, you will discover a list of the top best (in our opinions) comic series of all times.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

This is an iconic Frank Miller Batman story from back in 1986. The storyline focuses on retiree Bruce Wayne who decided to come out of retirement to help the police of Gotham City fight crime. Robin, Batman’s sidekick, is very eager to learn and take down the harden criminals lurking in the streets of Gotham City. The young crusader has a lot to learn. And, there is no one that can do it better than Batman. The duo continuously find themselves in some dangerous positions. But, they always seem to come out without a scratch.


Watchmen debuted in the late 80s. The DC Comics’ publication was a hit. Fans fell in love with the extraordinary superheroes featured in the single volume edition. The plot takes place in a time period with people facing a new war. In the first part of the series, the writer, Alan Moore, decides to focus on his writings on characters with superhuman powers. These superheroes were so powerful that they were able to help the United States defeat Russia in the Vietnam War.

While the comic was featured in a single volume edition, the storyline was broken down into different time periods. Watchmen is a very much sought out comic. And, there is no signs of it slowing down anytime soon.

The Sandman

Every comic fan has a favorite superhero character that they just adore. One of these superheroes is no other than The Sandman, which debuted in January of 1989. The plot is in the world of dreams that is ruled by no other than the Dream of the Endless. Neil Gaiman, the author, does not hold anything back in this series. This pleased fans even more. The last edition, number 75, was released in March of 1996. Like fans of real money pokies, comic book fans are loyal and relentless. But, The Sandman fans are just special.

Kingdom Come

Many fans of the Dark Knight Return comic series are also fans of the DC Comic’s Kingdom Come. This comic series debuted in 1996 in four separate mini-series editions. The superheroes featured in this comic series have been talked about for years. The superheroes include the very popular Superman, Batman and Captain Marvel, all of which has a large following. The superheroes find themselves facing dangerous vigilantes that are plotting against the government and people. Fortunately, the superheroes have amazing superhuman powers that help them defeat the vigilantes but it doesn’t come without a fight.

Y The Last Man

The Y the Last Man comic series takes place in a mysterious post-apocalyptic world. The series, written by Pia Guerra and Brian K. Vaughan, features an older gentleman who some may see as lucky or unlucky since he survived the apocalypse. The man and his monkey were left in a world that was void of other male mammals. The series featured a total of 60 editions, all of which were filled with mystery and fear. When the Y the Last Man debuted, fans could not wait until the second issue released. Today, this is one of the most popular comics of all times.


Another top comic book series is no other than Fables. The series, written by Bill Willingham, debuted in July of 2002. The characters featured in the series saw themselves as “Fables”. The Fables decided that New York City was the best place to establish their community. The plot is a world that is considered modern-day. Deputy Mayor White and Sheriff Bigby Wolf combine their skills and superhuman powers to fight crime in Fabletown.

Summary If you are a veteran comic book fan, you are familiar with the list of comic book series featured in this article. There is no doubt that comics continue to gain popularity. Regardless, if you are a geek or just like stories about superheroes, it is likely that you enjoy reading comics.

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