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Best Of 2010: Best Publisher

Best of 2010
Here at Comic Booked, we take our comics very seriously! 2010 has been an awesome year to be a comic book fan, but there has been so much going on that it’s hard to actually keep up with it all! That’s why we’re here to present you with our Best of 2010 Awards! Our writers selected what they considered to be the best releases of 2010 as Nominees, and after weeks of careful consideration and deliberation we’ve brought you our choices for the best of everything to do with comics that’s happened in the past year!
Here we have the Nominees for Best Publisher of 2010
Jordamus Prime Nominates- DC Comics
To me, the best publisher of the year was DC Comics. Darkhorse and Marvel both put out a lot of grade-A stuff, but DC seems to have gotten on the ball this year and kept it rolling. Picking up where they left off in 2009, DC finished up their epic Blackest Night event. Then they followed up throughout the year with the Return of Bruce Wayne, the launch of Batman Inc., Superman Earth One, and the premiere of Brightest Day. Not to mention all of the regular ongoing series like Batman & Robin, Green Lantern and the recently rebooted Wonder Woman series! DC Comics has been cranking out a ton of solid books this year, and that’s why they get my nod for Best Publisher of 2010.

Best Publisher

Colin Bell Nominates- Marvel Comics
When it comes to comics, I follow the writers – and no publisher has a better squadron of writers at its beck and call just now than Marvel.  Ed Brubaker continues to define his career with Captain America, Thor is thriving under the auspices of Matt Fraction, Hickman is creating some of the most idea-packed adventures of Fantastic Four in a long time, and Bendis is running The Avengers with a steady hand.  Throw in some modern indie kudos from Jason Aaron, Kieron Gillen and Nick Spencer (coming along to take on War Machine in 2011) and you’ve got yourself an unrivalled creative force.  Make Mine Marvel, for the time being.
Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics
Andy Kirby Nominates- Marvel Comics
Marvel – Though I am consistently impressed with Image and Vertigo’s line and ideas, the consistency and continuity of Marvel leads me to default to them.  Sorry DC, but I just can’t understand your maturity level…yet.
Marvel Comics Heroes
Marvel Comics Heroes
Nicole Sixx Nominates- Dark Horse Comics
This year it would have to be Dark Horse, followed by DC, followed by ICON. Thank you all for your hard work in getting us the best rated Literature in the world. Can’t wait for 2011! –
Dark Horse Comics
Dark Horse Comics
Skott Of Fables Nominates- Marvel Comics
I have to side with Marvel. I read mostly Marvel titles so I have to lean that way.

Marvel Comics Heroes

And the winner, for Best Publisher of 2010 is…
Marvel Comics!
Marvel Comics: Winner, Best Publisher 2010
Marvel Comics: Winner, Best Publisher 2010
Congratulations to everyone at Marvel Comics for being our Best Publisher of 2010! This year the wonderful men and women of Marvel Comics brought us an unprecedented number of great books and we can’t wait to see what you have to offer us in 2011! Congratulations again on this huge win!
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Skott of Fables

It's a good thing this wasn't Favorite Publisher Of All Time. My answer would have been very different.

But, it is what it is, lol

I don't know, I do love me some Marvel. I know I voted DC, but if we were going for 'Of All Time', Marvel would have likely gotten my vote.

Even as I voted for Marvel, I really think that they are not the most creative.

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