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Best Of 2010: Most Shocking Moment

Best of 2010
Here at Comic Booked, we take our comics very seriously! 2010 has been an awesome year to be a comic book fan, but there has been so much going on that it’s hard to actually keep up with it all! That’s why we’re here to present you with our Best of 2010 Awards! Our writers selected what they considered to be the best releases of 2010 as Nominees, and after weeks of careful consideration and deliberation we’ve brought you our choices for the best of everything to do with comics that’s happened in the past year!
Here we have the Nominees for Most Shocking Moment Of 2010
Jordamus Prime Nominates- Daredevil Kills Bullseye
In all my years as a Daredevil reader, I never thought old horn-head would actually kill Bullseye. Turns out I was wrong, as I watched Daredevil gut Bullseye with a sai in Marvel’s Shadowland miniseries. I did find it fitting that Daredevil had dispatched Bullseye in the same manner that Bullseye had murdered Daredevil’s former lover, Elektra, many years prior. My only disappointment with the decision to kill Bullseye is that now Bullseye is dead; meaning that yet another of my favorite characters Marvel has is dead. To me, Bullseye now sits alongside Nightcrawler, who also died earlier this year in what I would consider my ‘runner up’ most shocking moment.
Daredevil Finally Kills Bullseye
Daredevil Finally Kills Bullseye
Colin Bell Nominates- Daredevil Kills Bullseye
For me the biggest double-eyebrow raiser of 2010 was when Daredevil manned up and killed Bullseye – closely followed by the fact that Bullseye is still, at the time of writing this, dead.  It caused quite a bit of consternation amongst DD fans, but people seem to forget that the last time they met before this fateful encounter, Bullseye murdered 107 people in a tower block before heaping the blame for it on Ol’ Hornhead – and you know how guilty Daredevil can get…  Bullseye had it coming, but it didn’t make Murdock’s actions any less shocking.
Daredevil Kills Bullseye
Daredevil Kills Bullseye
Andy Kirby Nominates- Bruce Wayne Reveals He Is Funding Batman Inc.
Bruce Wayne revealing that he will be funding Batman Inc. – When Bruce semi-revealed to the world his partnership with Batman, I knew that there was no turning back from Morrison‘s master plan.  We will all have to wait and watch for what we are being prepared for.
Bruce Wayne Reveals He Is Funding Batman Inc.
Bruce Wayne Reveals He Is Funding Batman Inc.
Nicole Sixx Nominates- Nothing
I remain un-shocked this year, awed and thrilled, but un-shocked. I’ll let you know how it goes next year.
The Nothing
The Nothing
Skott Of Fables- The Return of Thanos
March saw the release of Guardians of the Galaxy #24. The end of the issue had the explosive return of Thanos. It was the first time I actually said something along the lines of “Holy Cow!” out loud and around friends. Very exciting moment for me.
The Return Of Thanos
The Return Of Thanos
And the winner, for Most Shocking Moment of 2010 is…
Daredevil Kills Bullseye!
The Death Of Bullseye: Winner, Most Shocking Moment Of 2010
The Death Of Bullseye: Winner, Most Shocking Moment Of 2010
Congratulations to writer Andy Diggle, artist Billy Tan and Marvel Comics for bringing us our Most Shocking Moment of 2010! If You haven’t read Shadowland yet, make sure to hit up your local comic shop to pick up issues one through five, in stores now!
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Nightcrawler was killed by Bastion, he was teleporting around to save people from him and Bastion predicted where he would be, so when nightcrawler re-appeared, he had Bastion's hand in his chest.

I needed an Image! Haha

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