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Best Of 2010: Surprise Hit Of 2010

Best of 2010
Here at Comic Booked, we take our comics very seriously! 2010 has been an awesome year to be a comic book fan, but there has been so much going on that it’s hard to actually keep up with it all! That’s why we’re here to present you with our Best of 2010 Awards! Our writers selected what they considered to be the best releases of 2010 as Nominees, and after weeks of careful consideration and deliberation we’ve brought you our choices for the best of everything to do with comics that’s happened in the past year!
Here we have the Nominees for Surprise Hit of 2010
Jordamus Prime Nominates- The Walking Dead Television Series
Of all the things I could have foreseen happening this year, a successful television adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s acclaimed Walking Dead series wasn’t one of them. Color me pleasantly surprised though, as it was easily the best show on television this year, as well as one of the best comic book adaptations of all time. Seeing the zombie filled world of Kirkman’s comics come to life was a dream come true, even on the small screen. The show was superbly written, excellently cast and somehow managed to pull off more blood and gore than even most R-rated horror films. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you do so in the immediate future; you don’t want to have missed this.
Surprise Hit
The Walking Dead
Colin Bell Nominates- A Superman-less Action Comics
Given that they only came onboard when Marc Guggenheim decided to leave the title before writing a single issue, Paul Cornell and Pete Woods’ run on a Superman-less Action Comics has been an absolute joy to read every month, and the pleasant surprise for me is that so many people think so too.  Any comic that gets Neil Gaiman’s blessing to use Death of The Endless has got to be worth your time.  It’s got a robotic Lois Lane for crying out loud!  What more do you want?
The Superman-less Action Comics
The Superman-less Action Comics
Andy Kirby Nominates- World War Hulks
World War Hulks – “Hit” wouldn’t be the word I would necessarily use here, but really…REALLY!?!?  Why was this not killed in editorial?  I choose this because I’m SURPRISED it didn’t get canceled.  ‘Nuff Said.
World War Hulks
World War Hulks
Nicole Sixx Nominates- The Dethklok Comic Series
Easily the new Dethklok comic, I can’t wait to see what they do next. I confess, I idly wonder if it will involve snow cones…
Skott Of Fables Nominates- Thor: The Mighty Avenger
This would have to go to Thor, The Mighty Avenger. I didn’t want and wasn’t looking for a second Thor series but after reading the first issue of this I was hooked. It’s out of continuity and very fun.
Thor, The Mighty Avenger
Thor, The Mighty Avenger
And the winner, for Surprise Hit of 2010 is…
The Walking Dead Television Series!
The Walking Dead: Winner, Surprise Hit Of 2010
The Walking Dead: Winner, Surprise Hit Of 2010
Congratulations to Robert Kirkman, alongside all of the shows cast, writers and effects artists for putting together one of the best shows television will ever see for our Surprise Hit of 2010! If you haven’t seen the series yet, make sure to pre-order the forthcoming Season One Blu-Ray or DVD, which releases on March 8th, 2011!
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Is this really a surprise?? I mean how could this NOT be a hit?

The show could have easily been a huge flop, it wouldn't have been difficult to screw it up. This is another one where the decision was made by a panel of judges, but the biggest reason this won, was because no one expected it to be as big of a spectacle as it was.

It's pretty SPECTACULAR, I must say so!

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