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Comics | Artist of the Year | Best of 2011

Comic Booked Best of 2011

Comic Booked presents our nominees and winner for Artist of the Year in our best of 2011 awards. Here are our nominees!

  • Jim Lee. Whether you’re a fan or not, this man redesigned the entire DC Universe. While there are plenty of complaints in that department from people, I still feel like he tried his best to give great updates to classic looks, or to re-imagine some characters entirely. Plus you have to give credit to the man that not only put them on, but took off Wonder Woman’s pants. – Jordamus Prime
  • Jim Lee, his work on Justice League alone cements his place as best artist.- James Halstead

Jim lee


  • Spider-Island: Cloak & Dagger 1-3: Emma Rios. In a book featuring characters I generally couldn’t care less about, Rios work on this miniseries made these character very interesting. Her visuals are stylized and really fit the tone of this book.- Skott of Fables

Emma Rios


Stuart Immonen


John Romita Jr


  • Mike Mignola. Again, this is not a shoe-in response or a case of favoritism. I don’t think there was a comic nerd on the planet that didn’t almost sing at Mike’s return to arting Hellboy. He and Dave are doing fabulous work together and it shows. Not just in his art as well. Whenever we pick our favorite artists throughout history what they do away from the pallet makes them just as immortal as what they do with it. This year Mike has made a great difference in many lives despite various personal hardships that he has come through with a positivity that is as amazing as his art. Plus, he’s bringing us a year of monsters, and you can’t beat that. – Nicole Sixx

Mike Mignola


  • Greg Capullo, because he turned it in so hard on Haunt that DC poached him for their flagship Batman title.  His splash and the way he breaks up panels and goes for visually appealing perspectives just SLAYS.- Robb Orr

Greg Capullo


  • JH Williams III His work on Batwoman has been exceptional. His panels are not  only amazing they are the stuff of legends. He is not the only artist on the book, but he definitely sets the standard with it. – Jason Padua

JH Williams III


  • Joe Benitez. This was almost a vote for J. H. Williams III, but Benitez has done some amazing work on Lady Mechanika for Aspen Comics. And while his book may not come out as regularly as I’d like, it’s always well worth the wait for the amazing detail in his art.- Robert LeMoyne

Joe Benitez


  • Menton3. Just check out his website and I’m sure you’ll agree. His Monocyte work is INCREDIBLE and he did the covers for The Dunwich Horror that were creepy as hell.- Jeremy Boreske



  • Ryan Stegman. As one of Marvel’s up and comers, he;s getting a shot at many of Marvel’s big names, so that has to count for something. Not many other artists get the chance to draw Hulk and Spider-Man in one year, and his longevity has been proven with his upcoming Scarlet SpiderMichael Wirth

Ryan Stegman


  • Nick Pitarra. Red Wing by Pitarra and Jonathan Hickman had one of the densest plots of any comic on the stands this year, but the excellent art – with hints of Moebius and Frank Quitely – blew readers away. He’s definitely a talent to watch for the future. -Emmet O’Cuana

Nick Pitarra


Winner, Comic Booked‘s Best Artist of 2011-

Jim Lee PhotoJim Lee

Congratulations to Jim Lee for being Comic Booked’s Best Artist of 2011! We look forward to seeing what you have to offer us in 2012! We would also like to extend a special congratulations to all of the other nominees!

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