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Comic Booked Best of 2011

Comic Booked presents our nominees and winner for Best Cover Art in our best of 2011 awards.

Each year, comic book readers are treated to literally thousands of comic books, and to each comic, there is a cover. Cover art can often define whether a new reader picks up a title for the first time, or even better, whether they continue to read it. Sometimes a cover just jumps out at you and you feel like you just HAVE to read that comic. This is where we honor our favorite selections from this past years offerings with Award for Best cover Art of 2011! Here are our nominees!

Batman 80-Page Giant 2011. With all of the hubbub surrounding The New 52, I feel like I have to give this to the one cover that encapsulated the state of the Bat-family at the end of the original DC Universe. Dustin Nguyen did an amazing job putting this cover art together with an ensemble cast of literally every member of the Batman family (except maybe Jason Todd, who was still a villain at this point in time). We even get lesser characters like Katana and Man-bat on here! To me it was just a really great send off for the Bat-family of the classic DCU.   – Jordamus Prime

Batman 80 page giant


  • Originally I was going to say Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love #1 but the cover of Fables #107 by Joao Raus was on a level above everything else I’ve seen this year. The story within focused on Sleeping Beauty and the cover truly shows the beauty and mystery of the character.- Skott of Fables

best cover fables


  • Amazing Spiderman #666; it is just THAT cool looking.- Rob The Wrecker
  • Amazing Spider-Man #666. Not just because it’s the issue of the beast, but the simple illustration of the Statue of Liberty in Spider-Man face has a real impact and gets the point of Spider-Island across without bogging down the image. Readers have a good idea of what kind of story they’re in for, and the main character doesn’t even appear on the cover. Not only is it good in execution, but it’s a top-notch- Michael Wirth

Amazing Spiderman #666


justice league of america




best Cover Moon-Knight_7-6


  • Avenging Spider-Man #1 All of the art for this book was awesome and that cover just jumped off the page. – Jason Padua

Avenging Spiderman #1


Lady Mechanika #2


Superman Batman #75


Infinite Vacation #1


Winner, Comic Booked‘s Best Cover of 2011-

Amazing Spiderman #666Amazing Spiderman #666

Congratulations to Amazing Spider-Man #666’s cover artist, Mike Del Mundo,  for being Comic Booked’s Best Ongoing Series of 2011! A special congratulations also goes out to all of the other nominees for being some of the best titles available this year!

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