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Best of 2011: Best Video Game

Comic Booked Best of 2011

As 2011 comes to a close, it’s safe to say that it has been a banner year for the comics industry and fans alike. Here at Comic Booked, we have always taken our comics pretty seriously, and after a stellar year of new material, we are pleased to present you with our awards for Best of 2011! For this year’s awards we asked each of our team members for their input and nominations to see who they thought were the best of the best in the comic book industry over the past year! After a few weeks of careful thought, consideration and deliberation, we’ve selected these titles as our choices for the best that 2011 had to offer!

On top of being big comic book fans, we’re also pretty into video games here at Comic Booked! The majority of our team members enjoy video games quite a bit, so we’re here to bring you the top video game offerings of 2011! Without further adieu, here are the nominees for Best Video Game!

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I used to nominate other games, but then I took an arrow to the knee! For anyone that has ever played an Elder Scrolls game, you will know exactly why this game is nominated for this award. Skyrim is, without question, one of the single best role playing games of all time. This fantasy epic continues Bethesda Softworks tradition of giant open world RPG’s that redefine the entire genre. There really isn’t much else that needs saying.  – Jordamus Prime
  • Skyrim blew up the social networks like dynamite more than any other game this year. 100 hours of gameplay?  Uncharted 3 is also a viable choice.- Robb Orr


Zelda SKyward Sword

  • I declare a tie between Mortal Kombat 9 and Saint’s Row the Third! – Nicole Sixx

Saints Row the Third- Mortal Kombat

  • Arkham City! Why? Other than the fact that batman rules? The art is very good and the story is strong. I think the portrayal of the villains in the game though is what puts it over the edge. – Jason Padua
  • Batman: Arkham City. If Arkham Asylum was the Batman game I’ve always wanted, Arkham City is the game I didn’t know I wanted but absolutely needed.- Robert LeMoyne
  • Batman Arkham City, it offers so much replay value, not to mention the epic story. – James Halstead
  • Batman: Arkham City. Wow, just wow. Take the greatness of the Arkham Asylum, crank it up 11 notches, and you’ve got Arkham CityJeremy Boreske

batman arkham city

  • Limbo from Danish developer Playdead was the little indie game that could this year. Similar to the surreal Little Red Riding Hood title ‘The Path’, Limbo feels like half-puzzle adventure, half-arthouse game. Disturbing, a little bit creepy and representing a true alternative to mainstream gaming. Honorable mentions go to CD Projekt’s The Witcher 2 for not only being a great game, but adapting the novels of Andrzej Sapkowski. Let’s hope Cyanide’s Game of Thrones RPG next year is half as good. -Emmet O’Cuana


Winner, Comic Booked’s Best Video Game 2011-
batman Arkham City
Batman Arkham City

Congratulations to Batman: Arkham City‘s creative team for being Comic Booked’s Best Video Game of 2011! A special congratulations also goes out to all of the other nominees for being some of the best titles available this year!

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Comments (7)

James Victor Von Hal

Arkham City is just amazing. I haven't played Skyrim yet, but seriously, the journey you go on in Arkham is epic.

The Crimson Blur

Skyrim babyyyy!

I can't complain about Arkham City being the winner. It was a great game that flew by very fast. I loved it, and it didn't release with the bugs that Skyrim had. A fine choice!

I was being a bit willfully perverse by nominating Limbo – The Witcher 2 would probably have had a better chance – but I am glad an indie go to stand alongside the other gaming giants in this piece.

I'm honestly kind of disappointed Arkham City won over Skyrim, but it is what it is. It isn't as if Arkham City doesn't deserve the recognition at all! I'm also kind of sad no one fully nominated Uncharted 3 or Deadspace 2, which were my next choices.

Well, there you have it, the 2011 Games Abyss nominees for Game of the Year. Stay tuned for our Game of the Year Podcast where we will discuss each nominee in detail

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