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Best Party Board Games


Organizing a party and short of ideas on how to maximize the entertainment?

Apart from having food and drinks together, what brings fun to the party is engaging activities.

Party board games are the best option when a group of friends wants to sit and enjoy together.

Here are the 5 fun party board gamesto help you out in making your party memorable


One of the most entertaining games a group of friends can enjoy challenging you physically indoor. Twister comes with a large playing mat and a spinner.  Mat contains spots of different colors 6 inches diameter each. Colors printed are red, yellow, blue and green.

One person is assigned the job of a moderator who rolls the spinner. For each turn, spinner decides for players to put which body part on what color. Each player must be able to do that without getting their elbow or knee touching the ground otherwise they are eliminated. The last man standing is the winner and becomes the star of the party.


Bring the best of your detective skills before going into this game and keep guessing right. Two teams are formed, one from each team is a spymaster and rest are secret agents whose identities are to be revealed by opponents.

Spymasters give clues with a word pointing to different identities on the board and players have to guess them absolutely right. Figure out all the Codenames before the opponent team in order to win. The guesses and assassins make this game very much entertaining.


The one with worst singing skills would not want to play this game but it is a hell of an entertainment. Players note down famous hit songs making up a hit list. To start the game, Tunesmith plays the timer and announces a word from Hit List.

When a word is announced, the player who sings first a minimum 5 words of the song containing that word scores. Then the dice are rolled and steps are repeated until someone reached the end of the board and becomes a winner.


Spice up the drinks party with Drink-A-Palooza board game. The board design is similar to monopoly and six pawns are there which can be alotted individually or split into teams. Instead of landing on a property, players land on space that directs them with instruction on what to do.

Two possible landings can be on group games or bottle spaces. The mini-games then takes place like a card game, beer pong, quarters or flip cup. A small plastic bottle is awarded to the winner of mini-game and the one who collects six of those is victorious.


An excellent choice for party game as it is extremely fun causing an adrenaline rush. Players have to describe a word or a phrase drawn on their card to their teammate without using five common associated words also written on that card.

The timer calculates the guessing time to see which team has guessed first during the course of the game. Use of forbidden words or making gestures will cancel the turn. For each guess, a point is awarded and the team with most points will be the winner.

There are so many games to choose from. Head on over to our Facebook page and let us know your favorite games that make you the life of the party.

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