Better Living Through Geekistry

Better living through Geekistry

There is a not-so-secret formula for happy living.  While ingredients and variations are numerous, my recipe goes a little something like this:  a large portion of comic books and graphic novels  (new and old), a generous amount of current and retro video games,  a good dose of vintage and contemporary science fiction, a heap of horror, a dash of fantasy, animation, films, toys and collectables, mutants, superheroes, villains, manga, steam and cyberpunk, a scoop of the supernatural, cosplay, RPG’s, artists, writers, actors, fans, conventions, creativity and imagination.  Spike it with caffeine, blend, and serve hot or chilled. Mmm-mm!  What has come to be known as “geekdom” , “geek culture” or various other terms of endearment, has never tasted so good!  Try your own custom blend.

Results may vary, but tests have shown that frequent doses of geek culture can make you more, interesting, intelligent, creative, popuBetter Living Through Geekistrylar, youthful, and better looking!  Wednesday will no longer be the middle of the week “hump-day” [boo].  Now it will “new comic day” [hooray].  As an added bonus, you will likely know how the latest comic inspired movie could have been “so much better”.

Hello.  My name is Robb.  It is hard to pinpoint exactly when my lifelong love affair with geek culture began.  It probably germinated in my youth and flourished over time.  Every new book I read and video game I played just made that love grow exponentially.  It has been a very rewarding journey.  Comics, games and movies have really enhanced my life.  They continue to evolve to vertigo inducing levels of greatness and sophistication.

I cannot help but take satisfaction in the fact that geeks, once stigmatized as social outcasts, just kept on doing our own thing.  We have a rich history filled with colorful characters.   Our community is bigger, stronger, and as supportive as ever.  The mainstream has had no choice but to take notice.  There is no denying the geek influence in every facet of modern society.  I am not even sure if “geekdom” is a subculture at this point.  “The geek shall inherit the earth” seems more likely by the day.

I scoff at the ridiculous notion that comics and games are not legitimate art forms.   This heinous claim seems to be perpetuated by uninformed people who do not read comics or play video games.  Video games are now the biggest entertainment industry.  You cannot turn around without bumping into the latest movie or T.V. series being adapted from a comic book.  It does change the dynamics of our culture, and I for one welcome it.  More comics, games and movies getting released just means more art and ideas for all of us to check out.

I look forward to sharing future news, observations and discussions with all of you here at  Together we can bask in the triumph of a great story arc.  Watch as a beloved little comic grows up, gets optioned for film or television, and makes the leap into the mainstream mass consciousness.   We can celebrate innovative and eye-popping games.  We can cringe and wring our hands at the missteps.  I will try my best to do it all with insight, objectivity, and humor.  Feel free to drop me a line or share your comments whenever the mood may strike you.  Drink deeply from the fount of geeky goodness!

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