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Is Justin Bieber Making Comic Book Movies??


Comic Book MoviesIs Justin Bieber making comic book movies?  Well, no (phew). But his manager, Scooter Braun, has teamed with former Marvel Comics Chairman David Maisel to form a brand new film studio called Mythos Studios.  Their first move? They’ve purchased fifty percent of Aspen Comics with the intent on bringing Aspen’s comic book properties to film.

According to the New York Times, “Mythos is currently developing several projects, including adaptations of the Aspen comics “Soulfire” and “Fathom,”

Kevin Huvane of ‘Creative Artists Agent’ spoke about David Maisel; “He has this encyclopedic knowledge of comic books and treats them like real art, with a savant-like ability to take out characters that appeal to him and make them really relevant.”

Huvane also said that Maisel partnered with Braun make for an “explosive combo“.

Scooter Braun commented on the news and the potential for the Aspen Comics properties to be a hit;

“Are they as popular as Superman or Batman? No,” and; “But why do people know the name Forrest Gump? If you tell a great story, people will care.”

Mythos Studios is coming in a golden age of comic book cinema that , while arguably a crowded space, is one that is massively popular. Braun’s own company, Ithaca, will be helping fund and pipeline talent initially, while also potentially partner with streaming services like Netflix (who, themselves are rapidly expanding in to the comic book space).

One of the first projects in the pipeline is Fathom, the aquatic tale of Aspen Matthews, a girl who was picked up a cruise ship that had been lost a sea for a decade. Fathom was created in 1998 by the late comic book legend Michael Turner for Topcow, later becoming part of his Aspen MLT company which continues to this day with this title and a growing stable of other properties. All of which are ripe for Mythos Studios to tap.

One question ask of Scooter Braun was;

“Will Justin Bieber become a superhero?”

“If any of the talent we work with wants to be a part of the projects we’re doing, we welcome them to join us on this journey. I’ve already had conversations with certain talent that are very excited about being a part of this.”

Bieber as Cannon Hawke? We shall see…


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