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The Big Bang Theory: Season Premier


Has it been 24 hours yet?? Can I talk about this?? It’s been nearly 24 hours…I CAN’T WAIT.


That Big Bang though!! >_<

A one hour premier!? A ONE HOUR PREMIER??


Big Bang TheoryPenny has short hair. Wallowitz continues his journey into domestication. Koothrappali has a girlfriend. Sheldon still jokes about engaging Amy in coitus.. Is that getting old yet?? I’m not entirely sure how this show manages to extort so much HAHA out of the same jokes over and over. Lets give these writers some credit can we?? If you were to ask me..which you can’t because this is a linear form of communication, I would tell you they add just the right amount of “new” jokes in to keep the show feeling fresh. Comedy is like salt. And if you don’t understand that reference I’m not explaining it to you.

I love food.

So like I was saying, these new jokes yes? No doubt Penny’s hair was going to be a talking point within the show. But did you know She didn’t cut her hair for that purpose?? Nope. Sure didn’t. She was filming a movie this summer and her role required her to sport a cute little bob. So again, kudos to the writers (and I suppose producers) for taking advantage of something out of their realm and control.

Sheldon’s train trip was a smashing successful failure. And that’s just a perfect fit for our favorite three-time Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. Could you imagine how weird the show would have felt if Sheldon came back with genuine stories of adventure and interesting people he met?? We’d all be like “Nuh uh! Sheldon wouldn’t do that!” And we’d storm the internet boards and forums meticulously dissecting the behavior of the nerdiest schmuck to ever grace our televisions. We’d call the producer’s. We’d write letters. Ok no one knows how to write a letter anymore. But boy oh boy we would raise hell.

And we’d be mighty pleased with ourselves.

Because internet.

Dr. Cooper would be proud.

Seriously, tell me your feels. Let me have them. Do you love it?? Do you hate it?? Are you looking forward to the rest of this season?? I am. This is one of the few shows I scramble to watch as it airs instead of waiting for the season to end and then go up on Hulu or Netflix as my bed time story. So please tell me what you’re expecting. What you want to happen. Is Amy ever going to get any??


I can’t even.

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