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Big Marvel Summer 2015 News


Looks like Marvel Comics is digging deep to bring us a fresh batch of events in 2015. These are things that you would never expect from Marvel! Check out the previews for Marvel Summer 2015.

Marvel SummerUmm… I think I saw this one before. Maybe just a reprint? It does say Summer 2015, so maybe it is a Director’s Cut kind of thing… Or a reboot? Does this all spring from “Time Running Out”?

Oh, well, let’s move on to the next big event announced with a teaser image. This one is brand new and like nothing you have ever seen before.

Marvel Summer

Oh. Yeah. It is sort of different, “Years” instead of “Days”… Maybe this is how we get Wolverine back to life? Why not deliver the future Wolverine from an alternate timeline that should not really exist anymore into the 616 universe? I know that you are all having flashbacks right now, but I promise that this next preview will be something so new and different that you might actually pee your pants.

Marvel Summer

WHAT THE HELL? Maybe they are just screwing with us, but I am afraid that this is not the case. I love the image, but I specifically remember Planet Hulk already being a thing. And Civil War. And Future Past. Is the House of Ideas really running dry…

At least, there is one good thing coming in Marvel Summer 2015 that is unique and new.

Marvel SummerWell, crap. Ultron and Zombies. Yeah, never seen that before. I hope you have not been disappointed or anything. I will try to keep you up to date as more announcements are made as to just what Marvel is thinking, or not thinking.

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