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Big Screen Slots


As the popularity of online slots has steadily grown the demographic using them has also expanded to include older players than before. As a result, games designers have started to look for ways to make them both more appealing and more immersive for this new generation of players.


As well as developing many themed games one area which has proved to be especially fruitful has been in creating games which link with successful movies. More specifically, films featuring superheroes have lent themselves very well indeed to living on in the form of a slots game. With big characters, strong storylines and plenty of action it’s hardly surprising that this has proved to be the case,


So today you’ll find that there are many big screen slots out there just waiting to be played – and here are four of the very best.


The Fantastic Four


When the first film featuring Marvel Comics’ Fantastic Four burst onto the screen it not only took almost $155 million it also led to this very playable slot


The game stars the five main characters from the movie, Mr Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, The Thing and the villainous Dr Doom too. There are five reels and four lines with symbols that include the five key characters as well as 9, 10, J, Q, K and A.


It’s a game that’s full of features including an incredible x10,000 prize multiplier, multiple free spins and wilds as well.



Clash of the Titans


The 2010 film was loosely based on the ancient Greek myth of Perseus and, despite the reservations of some of the critics, it went on to gross $493 million worldwide and led to the sequel Wrath of the Titans.


The Clash of the Titans online slot is a 20 pay line game in which the aim is to help Perseus slay the terrifying sea creature The Kraken. Along the way there will be many obstacles including the snake-haired Medusa. But don’t worry – you’ll be helped by wilds, free spins and a special Pick and Win feature, not to mention a 95.13% RTP.





Unbelievably, the X-Men films have been on our screens since 2000 and the 10th film of the series will be hitting our screens in 2017.


While the adventures have evolved, this particular slot takes us way back to the very first film to give us a 5-reel, 50 pay line game where X really does mark the spot. That’s because there are hero symbols and when they land on the reels to make an X your bet will be multiplied five-fold. With this, along with progressive jackpots, it’s a game where you can even win a superhero-sized prize.


The Dark Night


Largely based on the 2008 film that took over $1 billion in ticket sales alone, The Dark Night’s narrative is based around the classic clash between Bruce Wayne’s caped crusader and the evil Joker.


As any fan of the film knows, the Joker is anything but predictable so you should always be on the lookout for the unexpected including wilds, free spins and a 5x multiplier. It’ll keep you guessing but, hopefully, it’ll keep you winning too.

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