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Black Cat & Silver Sable: The Movie

Silver Sable and Black Cat

Long-time Marvel Comics writer Christopher Yost has been tapped to write a movie script centering around two of Spider-man’s female foes: Silver Sablinova – Silver Sable and Felicia Hardy – The Black Cat.

The announcement comes hot on the heels of a previous announcement, that is of Sony moving forward with their Spider-man franchise building movie “Venom” which will be about another of Spider-man’s foes, Eddie Brock, and his path to becoming the iconic Venom.

Chris Yost, who worked on the script for the soon to be released Thor: Ragnarok, has been a writer with Marvel for a long time. He famously created the character X-23 while working on the X-Men Evolution animated television series in the early 2000s, along with Craig Kyle.  Yost has also worked on Ender’s Game projects as well as Star Wars: Rebels, a show that aired on Disney XD.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio will be looking to move forward with this latest project rather quickly, already eyeing some potential directors.  Sony studio executives have even set a very tentative release date for the film: October of 2018.  The movie will do two things, continue forward with the renewed momentum that this summer’s Spider-man: Homecoming will surely bring and position the Marvel/Sony side of the road against the all-female superhero lead movie that DC Entertainment has in the works in the form of a Gotham City Sirens movie.

Silver Sable was created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz for a story the did in June of 1985 for issue 265 of The Amazing Spider-man.  In comic book lore, Silver Sable is a mercenary that hires out to hunt down villains and war criminals. She has traditional gone in to the field with her team, the Wild Pack.

The Black Cat appeared nearly one hundred issues before Silver Sable. It was in issue 194 of Amazing Spider-man in 1979 and has been a thorn (and some times a rose) in the side of Peter Parker ever since. She was created by Marv Wolfman however her black suit and classic look were designed by Dave Cockrum. Hardy was originally meant to be a female foe for Spider-Woman.

It remains to be seen just how this film will tie in (if at all) to the slowly growing Sony/Marvel cinematic universe but will bring that to you when we have the information.

Stay tuned!



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