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Black Mask’s Class Of 2016: Previews & Expectations

Black Mask
Black Mask
Black Mask


4 Kids Walk In To A Bank.  It sounds like the lead-in to a punchline for a joke eager to be told but it is most certainly not. It is in fact a crime caper centering around an 11-year old named Paige.  It is dark and humerous all at the same time, evoking the feeling you get from the title itself. Published by Black Mask Studios, and brought to life by the creative team of (W) Matthew Rosenberg (A/CA) Tyler Boss who create and execute this delicate balance perfectly and fluidly throughout the first issue, 4 Kids Walk into a bank is the type of book that does not come around often yet with every new book you wish it would.  This five issue mini series debuted in April 2016 to a positive and welcoming reception.

Ballistic, We Can Never Go Home, Young Terrorists, X’ed, Godkiller, The Disciples. The hits keep coming from Black Mask Studios.  Black Mask has found its flavor, they’ve found a formula that works.  Take the hottest new talent, pair them together along with punk rock ethic and a solid independent platform then sit back and watch their success roll in.

Black Mask Studios


2016 is shaping up to be no exception to this winning formula as this preview of their release schedule confirms:

Release Schedule

But this is not all Black Mask will give us in 2016.  Their Class of 2016 is rife with talent and titles with massive potential such as The Forevers by Curt Pires and Eric Pfeiffer.  Here is the preview of The Forevers:

Live fast. Live forever.

Five friends struggling on the brink of stardom sacrifice everything in a black magic pact that brings them all the wealth and glamour they ever wanted. But now, years later, the glow is fading. When one of them is killed in an accident, they each feel a pulse of magic rise in them. They realize the glow is spread evenly among the group, and if one dies that power is passed along to the rest. Suddenly, they are being hunted. One of them has decided to kill the rest and harness the remaining power.

As they search for the killer, each of The Forevers will be confronted by the macabre reality of the lengths people will go to be adored, to make sure the spotlight never fades.

The Forevers

Here are some additional titles to expect from Black Mask Studios this year:



NO AngelTomorrows Ashes




Be sure to check out Black Mask at your Local Comic Book Shop and add these titles to your pull list.


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