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When You Bleed To Death Kickstarter


Many of our readers that have seen my Kickstarter features know that I feel Kickstarter’s are the pinnacle of the indie comic book community.  The fact that indie creators have a spot to crowd fund warms my heart.  I feel that indie comic books are generally very creative and above and beyond the general superhero books.  Many indie comics take on important ideas or spotlight artists that fall out of the norm of comic artists.  When You Bleed To Death isn’t just unique art, it tackles a very serious theme; the loss of a loved one.


The art that I have been lucky enough to preview is on par with everything in the Kickstarter, very vivid and colorful in spots, and certainly emotionally evoking.  When You Bleed To Death focuses on Brody, a young man that recently lost his girlfriend.  When You Bleed To Death is the graphic novel retelling of the first chapter of a book by the same name, written by Jeremy Hale Bronaugh.  Bronaugh already has a successful book that can be found here but with our help we can see the first chapter brought to life in comic book form.

Pledges start at $6 and include PDF copies of the comic plus a thank you in the credits, but with a pledge of $150 the list of rewards grows exponentially.  In my opinion all of the rewards are typical of most Kickstarter’s and generally worth the price, especially the lesser money pledges.  I like the fact that Bronaugh is willing to thank people in the credits, it shows me that he understands the importance of everyone’s contributions and appreciates the Kickstarter/crowd funding process.  The respect for crowd funding and backers is what drives Kickstarter so I’m always encouraged by people that are willing to list backers in a thank you page.


Another aspect of this Kickstarter that is encouraging is the fact that it’s based from an already existing medium.  The book When You Bleed To Death can be found here and I encourage you to check it out because picking a pledge of enough money you can receive this book as part of the rewards.  I’m one of those types of people that likes to know the original medium before reading the secondary medium and in this case the comic book is second to the novel.

Between the rewards and the overall premise of the book and the comic I don’t see a reason why people would pass up this Kickstarter.  I find the psychology of how we deal with death interesting so between the premise and the art I feel like the book is going to be amazing.  Coupling the premise and the art of the comic with some of the giveaways like getting the novel and having my name in the book under the thank you section  is all I would need to contribute, let alone getting some of the other rewards like the novel or original art.  The idea, the art, and the rewards are all worth it and all the reasons I say check this Kickstarter out!


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