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Blood Ties: “Jango and Boba Fett” – A Perfect Addition to the Star Wars Universe


Author’s NoteMy apologies for the necessary spoilers. Rest assured however, that the true spirit of the comic remains unspoiled

Star Wars is one of those great amazing feats that makes everyone remember the first time they discovered it. My first time, was huddled up in my blanket on the bottom bunk with a large picture book of Return of the Jedi.

Two things always stuck with me from that day on, things that I went on to seek out in the various other epics I would be exposed to over the years. The first of course was that Jedi (like bow ties) are cool, inescapably cool. The second thing that captivated my young mind was Luke, and his steadfast faith that while his father may be one of the greatest Sith of all time, there was still some good in him. It didn’t matter what anyone else said, he could just sense it, because he was Vader’s son.

The relationship between parents and their kin is a fundamental cornerstone of the Star Wars Universe. That perhaps is why when you sit down to read a Comic Book like Blood Ties, there is genuinely no need to know anything beyond Lucas’ six cinematic masterpieces. No. When it comes to Blood Ties, you’re already home.

I first set out to pick up Issue #1 because of Dark Horse’s feature on the making of it’s Cover Art that I had spotted back on Facebook. Chris Scalf’s brilliant use of Art and Color draws you in with each cover, and then goes on to suck you in even further with each individual page as his brilliant adaptation of Lucas’ art sings out to you from every frame. Truly Scalf has created a beautiful and captivating homage to all things Star Wars. A genuine, almost cinematic quality of style, that flawlessly stands out as it’s own.

With such truly amazing art I confess that the artist in me would have loved this comic regardless, while the writer in me always demands a perfect tale.

With Blood Ties: “Jango And Boba Fett”, Comic Writer Tom Taylor delivers that as well.

This set of Blood Ties is the tale of four Fetts. Two fathers, two sons, and three clones. The first pair is of course Jango and Boba, the second however is an anomaly. Yes, and just the right sort of anomaly that it fits into the overwhelming spirit (dare I say the Force) of the Star Wars Universe perfectly.

The comic, while only four issues long, is vast and brilliantly imaginative with flashbacks from both Boba and his father. These flashbacks take us deeper into the relationship between the Mandalorian pair and allows us to see another small window into how The Fett became the man he was destined to be. A man who knows no fear, for as he declares in those entrancing opening pages, he has already known “true fear”.

Blood Ties is a comic of action, with a brilliant cast of characters that includes a couple of very special cameos. It also includes a rival gang of hilariously written imbeciles hellbent on beating Boba in the collection of his Bounty. (Fat chance.)

However, Blood Ties also takes it further, to that deeper next level of warfare that Lucas himself so loves to paint in the stars. In this tale, Taylor forces The Fetts to quite literally face themselves, both in combat and in will.

In the end, this series of Blood Ties is more of a tale of twos than fours. Two fathers, and two sons. Two missions, and two choices. Two great foul beasties that could never hope to get the best of The Fett, and two sons just trying to do their part to preserve their father’s legacies.

Essentially, Blood Ties: “Jango And Boba Fett” is a must have for any true Mandalorian, and as such I am proud to own it. – N

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Rae Cailliach

Brilliant review! Can't wait to read it! Thank you, Ms Sixx!!!

Hahaha! Excellent. Can't wait to hear what you think.

Four issues looks like a great Christmas gift. Looks likes a Fett Christmas for my friends. I will let him know to thank you.

Hahaha! Awesome, I'm sure he'll love it! Someone let me know that they're going to continue the saga, and even add in other families. I'll make sure to let you guys know more as I know more.

Nice review, between Vader and Luke there is deffinatley some stress. Ok not some a lot! Which makes star wars even more interesting =)

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