New Bludhaven Trailer Looks Amazing!


There is a new fan made series coming and it is all about Bludhaven! Check out the trailer right here.

From the folks behind the short based on Arrow, this new venture looks pretty cool. Colin Bass, star of Young Justice: Abduction, portrays Nightwing.

I had a chance to interview Colin and find out a little more about him:

Aaron: Colin, thanks for joining us and agreeing to answer a few questions. This new series looks great. The production value of your shows gets better with each one. So, tell us, what do you do to prepare for your roles?

Colin: Once I’m in my Nightwing suit, I really try to get in the head of Dick Grayson. The death of his parents, growing up in the shadows of Batman, fighting crime from such a young age, etc. Then I think about the scene and how this character would say certain lines or react to things. The trick is switching between being a brooding vigilante and being a “normal” guy with a lot of baggage.

Aaron: But, that is what acting is all about. What character that you have not already played, would you like to play in the future?

Colin: I’ve been Robin, Nightwing, Green Arrow, and some original characters. But I would absolutely LOVE to play The Flash…and if not The Flash, then any speedster, really. haha

Aaron: That would be really cool. Good luck on this new show, Bludhaven, and thank for talking with us.


We are really looking forward to this first episode of this show. Big thanks to Nerd Bot for the images, trailer, and interview.

Check out their summary of this upcoming episode:

Gotham is safe. Blüdhaven is dying. Batman and his team are finally united. But this unity isn’t a choice, it’s an obligation.

In an attempt to step out from the shadow of the bat, Nightwing leaves his city, his mentor, and his team behind. Blüdhaven has a new hero now, and for the first time in years, hope. But with every force of good, a new force of evil will arise. In order for Nightwing to become a hero in his own right, he must save Blüdhaven.

Blüdhaven is a new Nightwing fan series being produced by Nerdbot Media company.

We are currently in production. New chapters coming soon.

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