Box Office Report: Gone Girl Edges Out Annabelle


It looks like bold filmmaking for intellectuals has a place in the world of cinema. Gone Girl grossed $38 million at the box office, barely staying ahead of the new horror flick, Annabelle. In all honesty, when the final numbers come out Monday morning, the edge could be in Annabelle‘s favor. For the moment, Variety is reporting that Gone Girl has sneaked by.

Produced for $61 million, this makes David Fincher’s adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s best selling novel a big hit. The word of mouth will only leave the juice on the steak as the film stretches into the coming weeks of release. Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike put a new warped wicked face on the face of marriage and deceit, and that kind of dramatic tension will keep coming. Gone Girl is like the party thrown by the rich neighbors that you hate. You attend just so you get a chance to see something get broken and people get a little crazy. It will play well.

Annabelle is too hard to tell. It is the prequel to last year’s The Conjuring, which played well for a weeks. I am not so sure about this film and how strong its legs will be. The releases next week are The Judge and Kill The Messenger as well as the returning parties to Gone Girl. Annabelle didn’t woo many critics and may have problems finding customers.

Gone Girl is rated R and still managed to stay in the #1 spot, speaking to the word of mouth it had stirring well before the release date. I doubt the people can stay away from that wild unconventional thriller.

Come back next week for another box office report.

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