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Do I even need to say this? Okay, fine: The following commentary is the sole opinion of ME. They do not reflect the opinions and views of Comic Booked,, its sponsors, contributors, and readers. But it should.

The Walking Dead

(You know…the above image could easily be the entrance to the PTC offices… only it would read: Don’t Open. Dumb Inside.)

Here’s some breaking news that you may not be aware of: AMC’s ratings juggernaut The Walking Dead is NOT a kid friendly program. You may not have realized this even though the program is on Sunday nights at 9pm, has a rating of TV-14, and carries a disclaimer at the beginning of every episode aired on television (even repeats), which reads: “This program contains violent content which may be too intense for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.” But don’t worry, anti-entertainment group the Parents Television Council (PTC) is here to save us from everything we find entertaining.

Yeah, the PTC, the same group that, back in the late 1990’s, blasted the WWE (then WWF) for the scenes of violence their performers acted out each week on SmackDown! Yeah, they absolutely hate fake violence and want to have it all removed to protect your children… the poor, innocent children.

So, you may be asking “what is the PTC?” Well, simply put they are a group of think-skinned pansies who think that every television program on every channel and any time of day should be made in a way that wouldn’t harm children if they happen to see it. In other words: it doesn’t matter if you don’t have children. You shouldn’t be watching something that a child, somewhere in the country, might see. Yeah, maybe an exaggeration, but these people really are that stupid.

But let’s let the PTC speak for themselves. Here is a comment made by Christopher Gildemeister on the show:
“The PTC has previously discussed AMC’s The Walking Dead. Yet another “zombie apocalypse” story – well, the word “inspired” isn’t exactly appropriate, but modeled after — movies like Night of the Living Dead, the program features a tiny group of human survivors trying to survive in a world filled with animated, flesh-eating cadavers. While the critical establishment lauds the show’s intense character interaction and emotional drama, one suspects that far more of its popularity originates with the program’s horrifically gory and realistic violence.” Apparently he’s never heard of the popular, long running comic book that the series is based on nor does he understand the concept: This is the story of what the survivors of the zombie movies go through AFTER the movie is over. It’s more of a study of human nature and interaction during an extended period of stress and chaos. Some people rise to the occasion and become better than they were while others descend into the depths of human evil. But, yes, in a world like this there is going to be violence. But, unlike old Chris here, fans understand that it isn’t real. Also, while the violence is fun at times, fans of the story have also been outraged over it. We don’t celebrate the violence in the comics unless it’s deserved, right Governor? Also, the story has long periods where there is no violence yet it remains popular. Explain that, Chris.

He continues his sure to be Pulitzer mocked hit piece with this: “Many scientific studies have demonstrated the link between the graphic violence in video games and violent behavior, especially in children. While a game-play element is not present, viewing The Walking Dead gives kids as much or more exposure to explicit violence (not to mention fodder for nightmares) as such games. If such content were featured in a video game, it would be rated M (mature) or A-O (adults only); yet AMC considers the program appropriate for 14 year olds. (This doesn’t even touch on the repeated use of the s-word in a show rated appropriate for the same age group.)” I love it when these monkeys say ‘there are studies proving blah, blah, blah’ while ignoring there are more studies, and human history, disproving their ‘studies.’ If violent behavior is caused by video games and movies then I would love to know what games Jack The Ripper was playing and what movies Hitler had in his film collection that drove them to commit their atrocious acts. But he isn’t looking at this program from the perspective that it’s NOT A CHILDREN’S SHOW; no, he’s looking at it as if AMC is advertising this program during Spongebob Squarepants and Dora The Explorer.

The best part, though, the part that cracked me up is this bit of word play: “For viewers – especially children — who watch The Walking Dead, zombies aren’t the only ones who suffer trauma to their brain.” Especially children… the poor, defenseless children that are forced by the hundreds to watch this show every week.

The only brain trauma I’m seeing here is coming from Christopher and the other mental midgets in the PTC. They are your Entertainment Police, the people who want you to only see crisp, clean, family friendly entertainment 24 hours a day. And nothing else. Well, the fact that it took them this long, The Walking Dead recently ended the first half of its THIRD season, shows me that they are only looking at the ratings of the show. It’s breaking records and getting a heck of a lot of attention. The PTC are glory hounds. They will mainly attack something it finds offensive only after it’s become popular. They did it to the WWF in the 90’s when it was at its peak popularity with Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock, and they are doing it now. The show hasn’t changed or gotten more violent, the language hasn’t gotten worse; no, the popularity and ratings have gotten better and not the PTC sees that if it can conquer the undead then it might be able to conquer anything. (For the record, the WWF didn’t break in the face of the PTC’s stupidity, instead they made up a group called Right To Censor (RTC) and mocked the hell out of them).

They have called The Walking Dead “The Worst Cable Show Of The Week” and that pretty much tells you these people are nuts. Not to mention out of touch. What they don’t seem to understand is there are more of us who love the show, and the hit comic book series, than there are people willing to attack it. Also, 14 year olds are watching the show and loving it. What’s wrong with that? I was watching horror movies since I was 5 years old, the first movie I ever saw on the big screen was Friday The 13th back in 1980 and I’ve loved horror movies ever since. I’m also a very non-violent person, as are most people who play violent video games and watch violent movies, and have never even though of killing someone. Christopher, not that you’ll ever read this, you need to understand something, something a simple as your closed-minded views of what people should find entertaining: Your opinions don’t matter. People have the freedom to watch what they want. Just because you don’t like something that doesn’t give you any special rights or powers to get rid of it. There is this new invention called the remote control that allows you to turn off a program that you don’t like.

So, pretty much all this tells us is the Parents Television Council would be some of the only people to survive a zombie apocalypse, especially if we’re talking zombies who eat brains. They continually express their complete ignorance about what they complain about and do as much as they can to get attention. I’m sure they won’t ever read this fine editorial making a mockery of their stupidity and pointing out the impotence of their argument but I’ll be posting a link here on their sad little Facebook page and I’ll even invite any of them or their members to comment on this and try their level best to defend this attack on a show that is not aimed at or marketed towards children. (To PTC members and drones: you have to scroll down some to find what we call ‘the comments’ section. You can reply as you please, if you are able to.) The rating on the program is fine. Horror movies, comics, and TV shows have long been popular among young teens and there is nothing wrong with that.

That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

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I will never understand how some people equate "I don't like it" with "it should not exist."


It all started from the very first time we changed something because some thin skinned crybaby was 'offended' and it will continue to get worse until more of us stand up and tell those people 'you're offended? Sucks for you now shut up while I enjoy this.'

Common sense has long ago become a dinosaur. The simple premise of I do not like thus I do not watch, do not eat, do not listen to, do not whatever, etc etc. escapes far too much of the population these days.


Some people are just idiots, plain and simple. Keep up the good fight, man!

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