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Breaking: New Earth 2 Writer Announced

Breaking New Earth 2 Writer Announced Picture 1

Earth 2 has found its new savior.  A while back, DC Comics announced that regular series writer James Robinson would not only be leaving the series that introduced the first alternate reality within the New 52 but also the company as well. But with Robinson’s departure, the continuing regular series artist, Nicola Scott will be joined the writing talents of fellow Australian, Tom Taylor.

Breaking New Earth 2 Writer Announced Picture 2

Taylor is no stranger to the DC Universe, or rather, a version of the DC Universe. He has been gaining a steady momentum and fan base on his Injustice: Gods Among Us series, which is being hailed as one of the best video game-related spin-off comics ever produced. We don’t know much about Taylor’s plans in terms of storyline or character development, but he has stated numerous times that he is a fan of Robinson’s work and is ecstatic to work with Scott, a close personal friend.


The writer’s debut begins with issue 17, set to hit stands in October of this year.


So, what do you think? Are you excited for some new blood? Or will you be dropping the book when Robinson ends his run?

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