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Breaking: New Spider-Man Graphic Novel Announced

Breaking New Spider-Man Graphic Novel Announced Picture 1

USA Today has just reported that writers Mark Waid (Daredevil) and James Robinson (Earth 2) will be teaming up with artist Gabrielle Dell’otto (Secret War) to produce a brand new original graphic novel featuring everyone’s favorite wall-crawler, Spider-Man!

Breaking New Spider-Man Graphic Novel Announced Picture 2

We don’t know a whole lot about the plot, but we do know a couple of things. The first is that the villain is the Kingpin, and he’s going after Peter Parker, rather than Spider-Man in this one. The second is that this story takes place before the events of The Amazing Spider-Man 700 and the pages of Superior Spider-Man, which means Peter (and not Otto Octavius) is in control. But the third detail is what will have fans gasping (and possibly grumbling). The graphic novel, titled Family Business, features the first appearance of someone from Peter’s past. Someone he (nor we the readers) even knew existed. A woman by the name of Teresa Parker, who claims she is Peter’s long lost sister.


The graphic novel will hit stands in May of 2014.


So, what do you think? Is this going to bring lasped fans back to the character? Or will you be passing on this piece of unearthed Spider-Man lore?

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If this is out of continuity then it's alright. But in continuity it's not just a bad idea, it's a stupid one. There was never anything to suggest a sister ever existed and there is no reason for one to exist now. I have no interest in this and I really hope Slott isn't forced to put this stupid idea in his Superior Spider-Man series.


It does seem kind of out of nowhere… I'm excited to see Robinson write Spidey, though. And I think the art looks amazing. We'll just have to wait and see, I guess. Hopefully it will make Slott fans and Slott haters unite! 🙂

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