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Breaking: Zack Snyder Steps Down from Justice League

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This morning, The Hollywood Reporter talked with director Zack Snyder and his wife (and producer) Deborah Snyder.  They shared that they have been privately mourning the loss of their daughter, Autumn, 20, since her suicide last March.  Initial principle photography has just been completed, and the Snyders stated that they did not want personal hardship to cause delays in the film.

Hand picked by Zack, Joss Whedon will add a few more scenes (which he will also write) and finish the directorial duties of the film.  There are to be no delays in release and though the tragedy comes as a shock to most of the industry, the internet trolls wasted no time celebrating the controversial director’s apparent departure.

The film, now to be co-directed (or as they put it “post-production-guided) by Snyder and Whedon respectively, is still set to be released in November this year.

Our thoughts are with the Snyder family.

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