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Angry Naked Pat
While he may not quite be a household name yet, writer Brian Lynch is certainly not a name that anyone will soon be forgetting. Lynch is best known for his writing work on the comic series Angel: After The Fall; an official continuation of Joss Whedon’s Angel television series. Lynch was handpicked by Whedon himself to continue Angel’s story in this series; the collected volumes of which were number 1 on the New York Times Bestseller List for graphic novels. Lynch went on to write several more series based around Spike, another character from Whedon’s Buffy universe, and to write/direct the film Big Helium Dog, which was executive produced by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier.
These days, Brian Lynch is working on an all new original animated web-series, Angry Naked Pat. Luckily, I had the chance to sit down with Brian one-on-one and talk about the new series, as well as a few other things!
(This interview has been edited and condensed)
Jordamus Prime: So first let me start by saying thanks for taking the time to do this interview! I know I can speak on the behalf of the entire team here at Comic Booked when I say we’re glad to have you! Can you tell us a little bit about what exactly the premise is behind your new web-series, Angry Naked Pat?
Brian Lynch: I really appreciate that, thanks for having me. Angry Naked Pat is your classic odd couple buddy comedy about two room-mates and best friends.  One is extremely pessimistic, angry, and naked (named Pat, in case you couldn’t tell from the title) and the other is a happy-go-lucky, naive guy named Mugsy.  Each episode is about them getting into some bizarre adventure.

Mugsy (Right) and Angry Naked Pat (Left)


Jordamus Prime: So What can fans come to expect from the series?
Brian Lynch: I think fans can expect to laugh for seven minutes straight each week.  Which is actually kinda dangerous, now that I think about it.  We made each episode so funny, we didn’t allow for even a second of downtime to let viewers catch their breath.  My point is, watch Angry Naked Pat at your own peril, but if it does claim your life, at least you go down happy. It’s like South Park or The Simpsons but funnier and on your computer instead of your boring old TV.
Jordamus Prime: Sounds like a great way to go! So where did the concept for Angry Naked Pat come from? Was there any particular inspiration for the series?
Brian Lynch: The characters of Pat and Mugsy literally came from friends in college.  They were my room-mates and I drew a comic strip about them in the college newspaper.  The actual Pat wears clothes, though.  And the real Mugsy is, in reality, quite intelligent.  But the style and world you’ll see in the Angry Naked Pat cartoons are inspired by everything from The Simpsons to The Muppets to Bloom County.
Jordamus Prime: Now, I know that Chris Hardwick ( and Simon Rex (Scary Movie 3 & 4) are both going to be regulars on the series, and Andy Milonakis (The Andy Milonakis Show) is doing both the opening theme and the credits music; Can we expect to see any other celebrities pop on Angry Naked Pat?
Brian Lynch: For sure. We’re saving some as a surprise, but as the episodes roll out, we’ll have more and more guest stars.  We kinda want Angry Naked Pat to be the modern-day equivalent of The Love Boat.  So, say you get bored with Isaac and Doc’s shenanigans (and why would you?), that’s a-okay because here comes Charo!  We’re already lining up some guest stars who are way too good for the cartoon.
Jordamus Prime: That sounds great! It looks like the series is turning into something really special, and it hasn’t even premiered yet!
Brian Lynch: I think it will be the movie event of 2011… except, you know, on the internet. I guess, maybe if you bring an I-Pad into a theater and watch the episodes, then it’s literally a movie event.

Geek and Nigel 7


Jordamus Prime: It certainly does seem that way! And that premieres in February right?
Brian Lynch: Yes, episode 1 goes up February 7th, and episode 2 is a week later, on the very romantic February 14th.  It’s all about Pat and Mugsy getting frustrated with their lives, so they try to reboot them. Eventually they drag JJ Abrams into it, and force him to reboot their lives.

Jordamus Prime:If anyone could reboot anything properly, it’s J.J. Abrams. On another topic, What made you decide to get into writing?Brian Lynch: I’ve been writing scripts and comic strips since I was in elementary school.  It’s weird, I was just talking about this yesterday, but I actually wrote and drew a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rip-off called M.U.T.T. when I was 12.  I Xeroxed the pages, hand colored the covers and asked the local toy store in Red Bank (NJ) to sell them. I can’t imagine what people thought; it was literally a handful of papers stapled together with cartoon dogs shooting each other, but the owner was nice enough to try.  And they sold out!  But I’m thinking my parents went in when I wasn’t there and bought them.

Jordamus Prime: That may always remain a distinct possibility! So what would you say is your favorite project you’ve worked on to date?
Brian Lynch: Movie-wise, it’s HOP.  That comes out April 1, 2011.  Russell Brand, James Marsden and Kaley Cuoco.  I’m a co-writer, been working on it for a year and a half.  It’s a kid’s movie, it’s going to be really funny.  Comic wise, I loved working on Angel: After The Fall.  Joss Whedon is a hero of mine, so to plan out a series of adventures with him?  Dream come true. Though I will say, I was craft service on Chasing Amy and that was fun too. Though you really can’t see the results of my work if you watch it.  I guess Ben Affleck looked well-fed, so that’s a star in my column.
Jordamus Prime: Sounds like you’ve had a lot of fun times over the years! Chasing Amy has always been a favorite of mine, I’m from just over the bridge in Philadelphia (PA), so I’ve ventured to many of the locales from the various Askewniverse films.
Brian Lynch: Oh nice! I love watching Kevin (Smith)’s movies, it’s like a travelogue for my hometown.
Jordamus Prime: You’ve done a lot of writing work within the comic book industry, most notably your work on both the Angel and Spike series. Do you have any plans to return to comics in the near future?
Brian Lynch: For sure, yeah. I’m finishing up a Spike series for IDW, that folds into Dark Horse’s Buffy series.   It’s eight issues, issue 4 just came out. I’m also currently working on another screenplay for Universal, and doing the animated Angry Naked Pats every month, but I will definitely find time to squeeze in more comic work.  As someone who goes to the comic store every Wednesday morning, I’ll never stop writing them as long as someone will have me.
Rollo pic
Jordamus Prime: So as a guy that makes a weekly run to the comic shop, what are your favorite comic book series that are currently on the market? Are there any upcoming series that you’re particularly looking forward to?
Brian Lynch: Oh man.  I love Sweet Tooth.  I love Casanova.  Love Invincible Iron Man.  All the Angel and Buffy comics. Ultimate Spider-Man, Birds of Prey, Secret Six… Can’t get enough Walking Dead. I’m excited for Fear Itself, but I’m kinda maxed out on event crossovers. Death Of Spider-Man over at the Ultimate Line scares me, they already killed all my favorite characters in Ultimatum, leave Spidey alone. Though Bagley’s back. Oh, I also like Justice League: Generation Lost, but they should bring back Ted Kord already. DC killed it’s best character.  And they had their other best character kill him!  So annoying.
Jordamus Prime: Honestly, I don’t think that anyone can get enough of the Walking Dead at this point. I can’t help but agree with you about the Death of Spider-Man and Ultimatum. I was heartbroken to see that they killed off so many great characters with seemingly little thought.
Brian Lynch: That series played like fan fiction. Years of creating this wonderful universe, and then everyone was killed off in horror movie fashion. Really disappointing, but I liked how Bendis changed Ultimate Spider-Man as a result. Ice-man and Human Torch, living with Spider-Man.  Drawn by La Fuente?  Gold.
Jordamus Prime: So is there anyone in particular in the comic book industry that you’d like to work with on a project? A ‘dream team’ if you will?
Brian Lynch: Wow.  Hmmm.  David LaFuente, Stuart Immonen, Ben Templesmith.  Matt Groening, Berkeley Breathed.  Kevin Maguire is my favorite.  I’d like to sit Jeff Lemire down and bug him with questions. I also want to force Geoff Johns to bring Ted Kord back, like he did Hal and Barry. I’d be nice about it.  Nice but firm.  Blue Beetle: Rebugged.  Now.  Do it.

Jordamus Prime:Stranger things have happened… I mean we got Jason Todd back after almost 20 years, Ted Kord can’t be too far behind.Brian Lynch: I hope so.  We got Jason Todd AND Bucky back, at roughly the same time.  Gwen Stacy is gearing up for a return, you just watch.

Jordamus Prime: Okay, so one last question to wrap things up – is there any chance that you might return to Monkey Man Unleashed at some point?
Brian Lynch: Oh yes, Monkey Man will make a return. In one medium or another, Monkey Man will be back.
So there you have it folks! Angry Naked Pat will premieredon February 7th 2011 on, and and is available on Vimeo, Funny or Die and YouTube!

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