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Brian Michael Bendis Signs Exclusive Contract with D.C. Comics

New York Comic Con 2006

In a surprise move that probably no one saw coming – except for an inner circle of people – D.C. Comics announced today via Twitter that writer Brian Michael Bendis has signed an exclusivity contract.

The statement, as seen below, reads; “We are beyond thrilled to welcome Brian Michael Bendis exclusively to the DC family with a multiyear, multi-faceted deal.  He’s one of the premier writers in the industry having created so many unforgettable stories wherever he’s been and we can’t wait to see what he has planned for the DC Universe.”Brian Michael Bendis

In response to the surprise announced, Bendis himself chimed in on his own Twitter page; “This is real. I love you all. Change is good. Change is healthy. I am bursting with ideas and inspirations. Details to come! Stay tuned!”

Above and beyond these few sound bites, nothing else has been disclosed. There has been – as of this writing – no statement from Marvel Comics regarding the deal or how to handle the titles that Bendis is currently working on for the publisher such as Jessica Jones, Spider-man and Invincible Iron Man.

This is a huge coup for D.C. Comics; they’re winning one of the premier writers in the industry today and one that Marvel Comics has held up as the creme de la creme of their current stable of talent. Bendis has won three Will Eisner Awards and been nominated an additional two times for his work on titles like Alias, Powers, Daredevil, Ultimate Spider-man and more. He has won numerous Wizard Magazine Awards as well as Comics Buyer’s Guide Best Writer awards. He is also responsible for modern classic Marvel storylines (some of which have been or are planned to be adapted for the Marvel Cinematic Universe) like Age of Ultron, Secret Invasion and Siege.

There is no word yet on what projects he will be working over at D.C. Comics, but Snyder is stepping away from Batman for a while beginning in 2018… just sayin’.


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