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Building a Worthy Comic Book Shrine on a Budget


As all true fans know, comic books are more than simple entertainment for children. This booming market has seen sales reach as high as $3.2 million for a single comic book, and collectors all over the world are finding creative ways to preserve and showcase their personal collections. Even if you don’t have an item to showcase at the next big comic con, there are numerous budget-friendly ways that a collector can create a space to show off their prized possessions right in their own home.

Keep it Organized 

One of the best ways to showcase your collection is to organize your books and items in a manner that makes it easy for an admirer to scan through with relative ease. Just throwing all your comics in a case against the wall makes it difficult for people to get a true sense of what the collection consists of, and which items are more valuable than others. Understand the importance of interior design when putting together your space. Make sure you have a good mix of wall-mounted displays and floor/countertop items. Keep your most prized possessions in spaces that people’s eyes will naturally gravitate to. 

Usually this is in the center-middle point of a wall. When getting the necessary supplies for your space, opt for cheap frames and display cases. As long as you take care of these products, they will be just as functional as their much pricier counterparts. Even if you have a budget that stretches into the two or three thousand dollar mark, you can still find ways to save money here and there. But if your budget is less than one thousand dollars, it’s highly encouraged to search around your house or apartment for items that you already own that can be used to help display your collection. The less you spend on display cases and frames, the more money you will have to expand your collection.

Find the Right Space

A tricky aspect to building your comic book display is finding a space that won’t interfere with other functions of your house. If attempting to do this with a small budget, finding a room inside your home likely isn’t an option. If this is the case, a garage kit is a viable option, because it will give you a place where the collection can be displayed without crowding on other rooms in the home. These kits come in plenty of different sizes, and allow for customization preferences that will be sure to fit whatever space you have to spare. Your significant other will also be happy with this option because it keeps more neutral places like the living room separate from your collection.

Got some extra basement space?

The key to having a great collection space isn’t how large the room is, but how you utilize it. If the only space that you have available is in your basement – that’s no problem either. Just make sure that you make it look less like a basement, and more like a display room. Buy warm, spot lighting and focus it on items in your collection that you want to draw more attention to. And try to cover any exposed piping or wires as best as possible. Use the internet to get ideas on how to design your collection layout, and implement the “trial and error” method to see what works and what doesn’t. After some time tinkering around, you’re bound to find a design that works best for your space. 

My own private Idaho

Having a comic book collection is something worth showing off. Make sure to take the time to create a space that not only looks good, but is functional. Brush up on some of your interior design skills and make the most out of whatever space you have available. Once you’ve completed a project like this, you will see your comic book collection come to life like it’s the first time. Not to mention how impressed your friends will be when they come visit. A properly designed collection space will surely be a tasteful and welcome addition to any comic fan’s home.

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