Bullet Reviews #131


Bullet Reviews #131 covers a few recent books including Fantastic Four #13, Superior Spider-Man #19, Uncanny X-Men #13, and Unwritten #53 (Can’t have an All-Marvel edition, now can we?)

FANTASTIC FOUR #13 (Marvel)Fantastic Four #13
Uhhhhhh…what? Marvel has been pushing all sorts of nonsense our way but it would appear Matt Fraction’s incredibly disappointing run on Fantastic Four is coming to an end. It would also appear that this entire book made no sense. I can’t write an entire paragraph about this issue because honestly I am not even sure what I just read. In another time or universe there is another Fantastic Four but Johnny Storm and Thing are the only things that seem to be the same…I think. Not too clear about any of this so bear with me. Doom is no longer hosting his own island, he now has a headquarters in the- wait for it…BAXTER BUILDING! Oh my gosh the twist of the century has arrived! Doom has teamed up with Annihilus and Kang and still can’t seem to stop the Fantastic Four. And the Fantastic Four aren’t Four People. They are like 6 or 7. And somehow Scott Lang made it on the team…Yikes. I sure will be happy when FF goes back to being a book worth my time and not one I have to struggle to get through. Oh and that cure that everyone needed so bad last issue? Yeah they start falling apart and now Blue Johnny has remembered how to fix it. But they are going to die if they do whatever it takes to give them the cure. I did not make a typing error that is exactly how things are happening. Doomed either way? This is terrible. Make it stop. -Nick Furious

Superior Spider-Man #19SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #19 (Marvel)
How does every other Marvel book do Time Travel stories and they are confusing and silly, yet Superior Spider-Man does it and it comes out with more impact without really changing anything. To recap Spider-Man 2099 has returned to the Heroic Era in an attempt to stop Tiberius from destroying Horizon Labs. Superior Spider-Man does like that there are multiple Spider-Man’s in the city as he is the only “real” Spider-Man. The short comic book event that didn’t even have a name wound up being completely worth my time. I have no interest in reading Silver Surfer as the Surfer comics from the 80’s and 90’s were too good to be beat, but if Dan Slott is writing them then TAKE MY MONEY!!! Seriously the guy write story like no other, he is remarkable at making big moves and making even bigger impacts and still making it totally worth my time. And some really big moves were made this issue. Spoiler Alert: Horizon Labs was destroyed. Spider-Man 2099 is stuck in the heroic age. Carlie’s Hunt for who Spider-Man really is, has taken a turn as Otto and Spider-Man are somehow connected. Bring on issue 20. Another homerun by the team of Slott and Stegman, wish they could do everything. -Nick Furious

UNCANNY X-MEN #13 (Marvel)Uncanny X-Men #13 (2013)
Also known as Battle of The Atom Chapter 8 continues the ridiculous concept that is The X-Men. In case you haven’t heard the past X-Men have come to the present in hopes of changing the course of actions that caused Cyclops to murder Professor Charles Xavier. This whole thing seems pretty mute when Cyclops is once again being pushed as a hero in this twisted turn of events. To make matters even more confusing the X-Men from the Future have arrived and they want the original X-kids to go back to where they belong. For some reason they are fighting over this, which doesn’t make sense either seeing as they have to go home at some point…don’t they? And if that just wasn’t confusing enough, we have now learned the future X-Men are not the real future X-Men, because the REAL future X-Men have arrived to help Cyclops and his team stop the impostors. If I were an X-Man why in the world would I go to Scott Summers and Magneto over any other faction that existed? This and lots of other questions arise that don’t make any sense, but it doesn’t matter because as long as you had fun that is all that matters. Wrong. And how do they get away with all of this? “The Rules of Time Travel no Longer Relate to the Original X-Men”. What in the hell… -Nick Furious

Unwritten #53UNWRITTEN #53 (Vertigo)
Unwritten Fables nears its end as the Fables go to war with Mister Dark’s forces! The preparations for war are interesting as certain Fables revert to type, specifically Frau Totenkinder who at one time ate children does so again on a wider scale in order to gather the power she needs to fight Dark. Even North Wind tries to war her that what she’s about to do cannot be undone. She proceeds and a world loses its children.
But the children of the world aren’t the only losses in this issue as Flycatcher falls victim to more of Dark’s creations. It’s only the beginning of the war but with only one issue to go and the entire reality of… everything, every world, every story, at stake I can’t imagine the next issue, which is also the final issue of Unwritten, will be anything but epic. It’s also shown me that this series is very interesting with its take on stories and other worlds. I might be looking into the trades now that this series is coming to an end. Having characters I’m familiar with in a series I’ve had recommended yet never checked out before was a great way to get me to actually check this series out. This story is certainly one that fans of Fables should be checking out. If not in the monthly issues but certainly when the trade comes out in a few months. -Skott Jimenez

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