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Bullet Reviews #143


Let’s check out Bullet Reviews #143: Avengers Assemble #23.INH, Batman/Superman #2, Fables #137, Night Of The Living Deadpool #2, Superior Spider-Man #26, and Transformers Regeneration One #98.

Bullet Reviews #143 contains occasional spoilers –

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #23.INH (Marvel)Avengers Assemble
Avengers Assemble #23 is an “Inhumanity” tie-in of sorts, but as a big X-Men fan I’m just jazzed that it features Wolverine. You get Spider-Woman and Spider-Girl as well, and I like all the fun you can have with various spider-variations. It also features Nolan Woodard (of Irredeemable and Incorruptible fame) one of my favorite colorists. The Spider-babes don’t exactly bond (there’s more of a tough love vibe than anything else) but the conversation is a nice read, and fans of superheroes on-screen will get a kick out of the ringtone from the intro to The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Spider-Girl is about to embark on a grim mission, determined to bring back her teacher and friend, even if it’s only so the family has a body to bury. This makes Wolverine the perfect person to take over baby-sitting duty, and of course the tough love vibe is going to continue. As Wolverine shows her the ropes we get a practical look at the realities of superhero work in this universe. I love superhero comics that “are about superhero comics,” and this one also does a perfect job of balancing the dark, dangerous undertaking of the mission, with the expected fun of banter and flying cars. The visual art provides just enough glow to both balance and highlight the contrasts in what I think was a really unique book this week. –Scorpio Moon

BATMAN/SUPERMAN #7 (DC)Batman/Superman
Continuing the story of the Toyman’s new videogame console that actually controls people to fight each other through nanite technology, this issue brings us to the climax between two heroes. Superman, the yellow sun fueled alien from Krypton dukes it out with undead Batman, revived and given superpowers through alien nanite technology. We do find out that Mongul is behind the whole thing and, as Hiro the Toyman has a change of heart, Superman figures out that if you can’t beat them, join them. He allows himself to be “killed” in the game so he can become a player and defeat the game from the inside. Meanwhile, Mongul has released his yellow pollen across the globe so that 90 million gamers are teaming up to help Batman defeat Superman. The duo team up, after Superman’s “defeat” and go after Mongul. The fights are spectacular, the art is awesome, and the story is… well, it is pretty much expected. Yay, the heroes win, the bad guy loses, and, once again, the city cleans up a giant mess. The one redeeming quality of this story is Lydia Pergamon. She is just a person, a normal human whose life is decimated because of the destruction of the post office. She is waiting in line to mail her application for a special loan which must have been postmarked by 5 PM. At 4:59, the post office is evacuated as Superman and Batman come rumbling through. Later, she grabs up a set of goggles and gets into the game, taking out her frustration and desperation on the “villain”, Superman. The end of this book is great as Clark Kent finds her and gives her the approval letter for her loan. Greg Pak is a good writer and really touched on what makes Superman super. Not his powers or being an alien, but his compassion. This was a good book overall and I am excited to see what happens next as the Son of Mongul approaches. -Aaron Clutter

FABLES #137 (Vertigo)Fables
This is another of those issues with a great narrative gimmick that moves all our stories forward without mucking everything up. This issue is narrated by the new North Wind (followers of the series will know which of Snow White’s kids this is) and she shows us a lot!
Rose Red’s Round Table is established but that isn’t the problem here. She has powers and they are growing, this is an issue because she isn’t even aware of it or where these powers are coming from. I really like this story but I’m curious as to how it’s going to collide with Snow White. For her part, Snow is still very much missing her husband and is trying to best to cope with the loss and raise her cubs. But the meat, to me, of this issue is North Wind’s ‘gathering of the troops’ of sorts. Something is coming and she’s trying to gather her power base.
What she doesn’t see, though, is what happens to the glass body of her father… Bigby has disappeared!
This is still a great series and even though we are counting down until the end, I’m still loving each issue and every cover. -Skott Jimenez

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEADPOOL #2 (Marvel)Night Of The Living Deadpool
Deadpool Vs. The Living Dead. It really doesn’t get better than that and this book continues to impress. Deadpool tries to find a safe place for himself and those who are with him, including two kids, which is somewhat out of character for him but that’s what I really like about this story. Deadpool is still the smart mouth we all love but this situation has forced him to face some reality and that has added some really nice depth to his character. The fate of the kids really hits him hard.
On the fun side it’s nice to see some Evil Dead and Walking Dead references.
I feel that once this story is over with it will be remembered not so much for the use of the zombie gimmick (which is probably only being done because of the Empire Of The Dead series) but for the perfect balance of Deadpool madness and actual character development. This one is highly recommended! -Skott Jimenez

SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #26 (Marvel)Superior Spider-Man
The Goblin War is ramping up but no one knows it yet! This issue focuses mostly on the Green Goblin and the Hobgoblin who are battling it out because Hobgoblin is tired of this Green Goblin messing up his business. All out war begins but quickly ends as a truce is made… for about 10 seconds before Green Goblin kills the Hobgoblin. But the mystery of who is under the Green Goblin mask isn’t the only mystery ID here. The former Hobgoblin looks under the dead man’s mask and finds that the Hobgoblin isn’t out of the picture yet! Kingsley is a sneaky bugger for sure!
Now, while we don’t really see a lot of the Superior Spider-Man in this issue, outside of his confrontation with AIM and the Avengers, it’s the other Spider-Man, the Amazing one, that gets more screen time as Peter Parker tries to rebuild himself… but Otto has erased a lot of his past so when Peter comes back, how much of his essence will be there? While the Superior Era has been the most entertaining era in years for Spidey, I have a feeling that the return of Peter Parker will be just as interesting. Wait until he finds out he’s a doctor, has his own company and is dating someone who isn’t MJ or Carlie Cooper! I can’t wait to see the look on his face!
Along with that I like the subtle touch of the Amazing Spider-Man’s face shimmering in the background of this cover. -Skott Jimenez

TRANSFORMERS REGENERATION ONE #98 (IDW)Transformers Regeneration One Bullet Reviews #143
Two issues before it all ends, but what’s going to be left? Cybertron is facing total destruction from Jhiaxus who plans to assimilate it and everyone on it into his collective and there doesn’t seem to be much anyone can do about it. A last-ditch effort to slow the maniac down fails because Jhiaxus has made arrangements to counter ever possible attack. He’s insane.
Thing is, something is up on Earth that might impact this situation now that Fort Max and Spike are reunited, but the attack on Optimus Prime puts his intentions in question and I’m still wondering what’s up with Starscream. He doesn’t seem to be himself anymore and with Shockwave being repaired things are going in a very bad direction for everyone.
How will it end and what will be left… No one knows but the covers are pretty sweet! -Skott Jimenez

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