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Bullet Reviews #68


It’s Tuesday and that means BULLET REVIEWS!!! Quick looks at recently released comics. If you’re having a light week, maybe something here will catch your attention! This week: Amazing Spider-Man #690, Dark Shadows #6, Godzilla #3, Hellraiser #16, and TWO Ninja Turtles books: Ongoing #12 and Micro-Series: Casey Jones! *All of this week’s Bullets are by Skott!

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #690 (Marvel Comics)Amazing Spider-Man
No Turning Back, Part 3: Spider-Man is still beating the tar out of Morbius for attacking a fellow brain at Horizon Labs while, back at the labs, The Lizard, now in the form of Curt Connors, is trying to return to his ‘true form’ and in the process is turning everyone he comes across into lizards he can control. But it isn’t just a one-sided deal, no, while he takes from them their humanity, they share little bits of what it’s like to be human with him… but he still turns them into lizards because he’s just cold-blooded.

While fighting Morbius, Spider-Man is forced to talk to Madame Web who tells him that he must return to Horizon before things get really bad, but is she talking about the lizard menace or something more? Could it be the underhanded dealings between Horizon’s Tiberius Stone and the Kingpin which leads to the new lizards being freed from their respective labs? Who knows? Madame Web is always mysterious and stuff.

The ending of this issue leaves us with Spider-Man, trapped in Horizon Labs, standing between an army of lizards and the remaining humans while The Lizard ponders whether he really wants to return to his lizard form or not. Basically, a lot is going on here and it’s all very entertaining. Dan Slott continues to web-sling this book out of the park!

Dark ShadowsDARK SHADOWS #6 (Dynamite Entertainment)
Seems like it’s been forever since Dark Shadows #5 came out (it was reviewed in Bullet Reviews #57 back in May, maybe the book is on a bi-monthly schedule?)

Anyway, we finally got a new issue and it hasn’t lost any of its charm. We’re beginning a new story here that involves a vampire attack on children in the area around Collinsport. Thing is, Barnabas is apparently innocent of the attacks and seeing one of the attacks in this issue I’d have to say he probably is. The vampire in question is shown completely in shadows and seems to only have one eye. The fact he basically calls out Barnabas helps to support the innocence of Barnabas as well.

Also in this issue Barnabas continues his long running quest to cure his curse that seems to be doing more harm than good. He sends Willie Loomis to England to find a charm and while Willie does find it, he also finds more than he bargained for!

What is notable about this issue is it widens the world of Dark Shadows. We move away from Collinswood and see a little bit of Collinsport which is a really nice addition. Honestly, I’ve always been kind of curious about what else Collinswood has to offer.

Overall, the series is still fantastic, I just wish is was on a more regular schedule because these long waits between issues is killing the flow of the series.

GODZILLA #3 (IDW Publishing)Godzilla
Things aren’t looking good for Boxer and his crew at the beginning of this issue but things do turn around quickly as they are able to take Anguirus out of commission but not before a rather close call with the monster. Their weapon doesn’t kill the beasts, rather it messes with their heads, giving them one heck of a headache and making it easier to put them in position to capture or at least knock them out using somewhat extreme means (like blowing up a castle and an extinct volcano).

After their first success, Boxer announces to the world their intentions and places a $7 billion price tag on each monster they take out. Some think that’s wrong but when you have monsters all over the place and only one group of people capable of taking them out…what choice do you have?

After a few scores are settled, Boxer decides it’s time to take out the King of the Monsters and settle his own personal score with him. Before they can get to him, however, they get a call from Tokyo, some dinosaur type monster, fitting the description of Titanosaurus, is destroying everything. On their way to Tokyo, however, they have to face off against a very angry Rodan!

This new series is topping everything that’s come before it. There is a perfect balance between monster and humans, giving the humans just enough ‘screen time’ to push the narrative forward and keep things interesting. It’s what we G-Fans have been waiting for!

HellraiserHELLRAISER #16 (BOOM! Studios)
This issue was a little difficult to follow in some spots but the over all impact is understood: The U.S. Government had a plan for many things, even an assault from Hell.

From there, it’s kind of confusing, the introduction of some new(?) characters and the constant jumping around then the appearance of The Female Cenobite and Kirsty’s situation…it feels like it’s all over the road but considering this is Clive Barker I can only assume that this is all going to mean something and fall into place very soon.

Here is what I have figured out: Elliott, the now former Pinhead, has begun to create his own personal version of Hell, one where he is God, on Earth. His hordes are spreading around the world and an odd sort of energy is also being released. The energy might be connected to Pinhead and may be further impacted by Kirsty and her apparent removal of the Pinhead persona from herself.

I have a feeling this is going to come down to Elliott Vs. Pinhead and that’s a fight that will be off the scale and not everyone will survive. But, within all this, The Female has some plans of her own that she’s very much keeping to herself.

Bottom line is just because this is something of a confusing issue, it doesn’t take away from the fact this is still one of the most entertaining books based on a franchise on the shelves today!

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #12 (IDW Publishing)Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
This is it! The culmination of an entire year’s worth of stories: The (Mutant) Turtles face off against The Shredder! While the (Mutant) Turtles track down their father, Splinter, he must do the best he can to survive his long-awaited battle against The Shredder, the man who killed his family and soon even him! Things start to look back for the rat as his body begins to fail him but, like all good guys, the (Mutant) Turtles show up for the last-minute save and come face to face with their greatest enemy!

The fight sequences in this issue are stellar, Dan Duncan needs to be congratulated for his exciting art and for making this book the perfect issue for TMNT fans of all generations!

The only thing not truly resolved here is the machinations of General Krang who apparently no longer needs Splinter’s blood to create his army. this may lead into the next year’s worth of stories but this issue right here is the perfect cap on what has been a very exciting first year of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

The book with the longest title this week also has the most heartfelt story. While on the surface, Casey is kicking butt and having a good time, there have been a few hints that, at home, Casey lives in a less than fun environment. This issue covers Casey’s home life.

We learn what happened to his mother as well as why he kicks so much butt on the streets but allows his drunken father to beat the tar out of him at home.
This issue adds more layers to a character that was pretty much a one note character for the longest time and it also tackles some pretty edgy topics. If you’ve never been interested in this character then this is the book you should check out because after reading this book, in my opinion, Casey Jones is now a fully fleshed out character.

Plus, another cover by David Peterson. You simply can’t beat that!

And that wraps up another week! Let us know what you think about these books. Do you agree with our Bullets? Disagree? Now’s your chance to speak up! We have that comment section below just for that reason, you know.

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