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Bullet Reviews #4: Annihilators and Batman Beyond!


Welcome to another week of Bullet Reviews!

The first of four issues featuring the new, harder version of the Guardians Of The Galaxy: Silver Surfer, Beta Ray Bill, Ronan, Gladiator, and Quasar all unite to continue the late Starlords dream of a team that can defend the universe from Annihilation level threats. The team is quickly taken to task by a Space Knight who bests them to prove a point: They may be the most powerful collection of beings in the universe, but they are still pretty useless because they hesitate to use that power. We’re also introduced to a mystery villain with very interesting powers. ALSO…We FINALLY get to read the long awaited Rocket Raccoon/Groot miniseres as it’s presented here as a second feature! What does a talking raccoon do after he’s saved the universe at least 3 times? He becomes a mail clerk in an office building. Naturally. After being attacked by a clown made of living wood, however, he feels a greater importance and begins to search for answers as to why he was attacked. And, what, if any, connection it has to his friend, and everyone’s favorite talking tree, GROOT!


Batman Beyond continues as Terry must come to grips with his family being in danger and putting more effort into stopping the madman who did it instead of directly saving his family. The madman in question is a very sick man, sick after years of being near meta humans and the radiation some of them give off. He tried to get something to help himself out and get revenge for his condition and ended up becoming a new Matter Master, a man who can effect and change the matter of anything. It takes the combined efforts of Batman and the Justice League to defeat him. I have to say, personally, this is a very entertaining series. The art is fun and the script is written by Adam Beechen who obviously is a fan of the series. Well worth picking up if you aren’t, and you really have no reason not to: this is only the third issue and the series sells for $2.99.

Batman Beyond


Alright, I’ve been with the Marvel Zombies franchise since the first miniseries was released, I’ve gone back and gotten the trades of Ultimate Fantastic Four which they first appeared in (also the most time I’ve ever spent in the Ultimate Universe) and even when through the Black Panther stuff. I think I have a pretty good handle on Marvel Zombies so it means something when I say that this series has a lot to prove. It’s a complete departure from the previous stories and has a whole new cast of characters, not to mention creative team. Heck, I don’t even know what universe this takes place in. Add all that to the fact I’ve never really cared about the Squadron Supreme and you have the first Marvel Zombies book that has to work to keep me interested! So far? It isn’t doing a very good job. The first issue was spotty at best. Very little set up, almost like it’s trading story for zombie action. Previous books had zombie action but also an interesting story. However, I’m willing to wait and see if a story begins to fully develop in the second issue.

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Love these Bullet Reviews! Awesome!

Gah! I havent picked up new books in like 3 weeks (transportation issues, my shop is FAR). I need to get the new Batman Beyond!

Skott of Fables

Man, it's really awesome! (does that help with not being able to get it? lol)

Skott of Fables

Thank you. My hope is that we can have 5 or more each week. I don't collect that many and ended up doing Annihilators and Batman Beyond this week to fill some space, lol…

I'm very interested to see where the Cosmic Opera will end up.

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