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Bullet Reviews #1: Avengers, Fables and More


Welcome to Bullet Reviews. Each week we will be offering a quick shot reviews of the many books we collect. Think of it as sort of ‘speed dating for Comics.’ It’s still a new format so please bear with us while we fine tune this.

AVENGERS #9 (Marvel):Avengers
This issue fills in some gaps such as how did The Hood find out about the Inhumans and the Infinity Gems? Also, Steve Rogers and the Avengers find out about the Illuminati and it isn’t pretty, there will be major trust issues here and Iron Man is put on the spot: if Rogers doesn’t feel like Iron Man is being straight with him then Iron Man is on his own as far as being protected by Rogers. JR JR’s art seems to falter some in this issue as some pages just don’t look like his stuff. The writing is starting to come together as this story seems to have more of an event feeling than the first story arc. Overall, probably one of the better written issues of the series though the art trips up some. – Skott Jimenez

FABLES #101 (DC/Vertigo):
FablesThis month we get a break from all things concerning Mister Dark and the fight to Fables survival. In this month’s issue we get more of  Bufkin, the former flying monkey who was trapped in the Offices when Fabletown was destroyed. He’s gone on some self-imposed quests and declared himself a hero and thinks he should be King of the Business Office. Yeah, he’s bored and when the only other ‘people’ around to talk to are a Magic Mirror and the head of Frankenstein’s Monster you would also begin to wonder if there was something more. Thinking he can climb his was out of the Offices he ends up in the Wonderful World of Oz! -Skott Jimenez

FANTASTIC FOUR #587 (Marvel):

Fantastic Four
There really isn’t anything that can be said about this one. Everyone knows Johnny Storm dies and the next issue is the final issue. Comic Booked’s own Nicole Sixx had a good writeup here! -Skott Jimenez

NEW AVENGERS #8 (Marvel):
New AvengersTrue to form, New Avengers remains Bendis’s relationship book.  In issue 8 the reader gets to see the interaction of the NA leader, Luke Cage, and his wife Jessica Jones. Jones is still going back and forth over the possibility of joining up with the Avengers team on a regular basis.  She’s hesitant because of her motherly and wifely responsibilities, but Luke keeps leaving her tidbits of encouragement along the way.  This issue we get to see that carrot of a new persona dangled in front of her.  Luke so graciously offers her the moniker of “Power Woman,” a play off of his superhero name Power Man.  Then a Dr. Doom seemingly attacks and everything is shot straight to Hades. This issue is another winner with witty banter and the incremental stepping of the relationships between the team.  The team is again withheld information because of Spider-Man’s standing with the state which will eventually come to a head.  All in all a great setup issue with character development coupled with plot progression! -Andy Kirby

Tune in next week for even more Bullet Reviews!

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